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Arts Education

Arts Education

Music.jpgThe redesigned Arts Education curriculum strives to galvanize students’ artful habits of mind through engaged arts learning. The curriculum includes a general arts program as well as four core discipline-specific programs —

  • Dance, 
  • Drama, 
  • Music, and 
  • Visual Arts

— that capture the language, activities, and experiences unique to each of those disciplines.
Note that throughout the Arts Education curriculum, “artist” is used as an inclusive term to refer to people who create works in any of the arts disciplines (e.g., dancers, actors, musicians, visual artists). This usage views students as artists, too. Similarly, “works of art” is used to refer to the results of creative processes in any of the four disciplines.


Jazz Band 9 will be held on Monday's and Wednesday from 3:10 pm to 4:15 pm


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