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School Registration


Please read All information below

1.  Use the  SCHOOL LOCATOR TOOL  to confirm whether your address is in the Semiahmoo catchment. 

2.  If your address is in the Semiahmoo catchment, please have all of your documents prepared to upload at the time of registration. The following are the required documents for registration at Semiahmoo Secondary:

Document DescriptionAccepted Documents
1. Proof of birth date for the studentBirth certificate or passport
2. Immigration documents for both the parent AND student  Canadian Birth Certificate, Citizenship Card, Passport, Permanent Resident Card/Landed Immigrant document or Work/Study permit
3. Proof of guardianship of studentParent/guardian's names together with the student's name listed on either a birth certificate, landed immigrant papers, guardianship order, extended health benefits or Child Tax Benefit statement.
4. THREE proof of address documents to substantiate residence of parent/guardian:
1. One of the 3 documents must be a utility bill for service at the address.    Hydro, Gas, Water or Cable bill.
2. One of the 3 documents must be a government issued document.BC driver's license, BC Services Card, BCID or BC Care Card of parent/legal guardian
3. One additional document showing the address of the parent/guardian.Property tax statement, land title document, purchase or rental agreement, or a second utility bill (Hydro, Gas, Water or Cable)

3.  All new applications for the 2023-24 school year must be submitted ONLINE via the Surrey School District's online registration system. The link is provided below. In-person registration is not available. Please ensure that you fill in all required fields on the online application form and upload all required documents at the time of application. It is very important to note that your application will be date and time stamped according to the time that ALL registration documents have been received. If we need to follow up with you to retrieve missing documents, or if some of your documents do not satisfy the documentation requirements listed above, this may delay the date and time of your application verification. 


* Please ensure that you click on the link titled "Register for Next School Year (2023-2024)".  

4.  As many parents and guardians are aware, Semiahmoo Secondary School's student population continues to exceed the capacity of the school, and the Surrey school district continues to experience enrolment pressure. In order to organize new registrations and accommodate as many students as possible, all new applicants will be placed on a temporary waitlist to allow time for our Administrators to review all applications and confirm our enrollment availability. The school will enroll students in priority order consistent with the school board's regulation, Regulation #9320.1 .

2023-24 Boundary Map:


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