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Substance use liaison program available through Safe Schools

Substance%20Use%20Liaison.jpgWith school now back in session, Surrey Schools reminds families and students that there are supports available for anyone struggling with substance use.

Operated by the district’s Safe Schools department, the Substance Use Liaison (SUL) program supports and connects those affected by substance use, by providing resources and guidance to encourage positive lifestyle changes.

“It’s not just for students who might be impacted by their own use, but others’ substance use as well,” said Jaclyn Blaney, acting assistant manager with Safe Schools. “So maybe there’s substance use in the family, maybe it’s somebody in the friend group, anywhere else where they might be interacting with others and somebody’s substance use is making them feel unsafe or uncomfortable.”

Our Substance Use Liaisons can help address issues of substance use through best practices to provide education, prevention tools and early intervention. The program also helps steer users towards positive change, the development of self-assessment skills and bridges students and their families to specialized resources and programs.

Students or families wanting to get in touch with the team can do so by contacting a school or district staff member they feel comfortable speaking to, or by submitting a request online through the Protecting Safe Schools Together (PSST) page. Those connecting online through PSST are asked to leave their contact information in order for support staff to follow up.

“Once we’re made aware, one of our liaisons will come out and meet with the youth or family and from there, help connect them with the resources that would best fit their needs,” said Blaney.

In addition to providing one-on-one support for those affected, the Safe Schools team also facilitates year-round classroom messaging and staff training.

To learn more about the available Safe Schools programs, click here.

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