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Code of Conduct

All students and staff at North Surrey have the right to work within a school which is safe, caring and orderly.  All students and staff at North Surrey have the right to a school which is free of:

  • harassment and discrimination (this includes verbal abuse, bullying, sexual harassment and/or racism);
  • bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, threat and intimidation, violence in any form;
  • recrimination when reporting Code of Conduct violations and safety concerns
  • verbal, physical or sexual abuse/exploitation;
  • discrimination in any form including racial and gender discrimination;
  • theft and vandalism;  and/or
  • violence and intimidation, drugs, alcohol, vaping, weapons or replica weapons (including fireworks)

To support these aims North Surrey Secondary has established a 'Code of Conduct' in keeping with the Surrey School District's Safe and Caring Schools Policy.*  Please note that not every circumstance or possible circumstance is listed.

Respect Yourself and Others
Respect the Environment
Respect Learning

Respect for Yourself and Others
  • To respect individual differences including culture and gender
  • To  be kind to others and refrain from hurtful or intimidating language or behaviour
  • To  encourage others in respectful behaviour
  • To report harmful and dangerous behaviours
  • To dress in a manner that does not promote violence, weapons, drugs, alcohol or that is sexually inappropriate
  • To immediately follow the directions of staff
  • To solve problems and conflicts in peaceful ways
  • To not condone any form of violence, bullying, harassment, intimidation by being a bystander
  • To not take photos of students or staff without permission
  • To not electronically post or send any harmful or damaging information about a student or staff member

Respect for  the Environment
  • To always take care of your own garbage
  • To use garbage and recycling cans
  • To not damage or take the property of others
  • To use all equipment with care
  • To report vandalism

Respect for Learning
  • To attend all classes
  • To be on time for every class
  • To come prepared with all materials, including gym strip
  • To complete all assigned work in a timely manner
  • To be actively and positively engaged in all classes
  • To seek help when needed
  • To always practice academic honesty
  • To follow the rules laid out by each teacher in each classroom

*Reference: Safe and Caring Schools Policy 9410 and Regulations 9410.1 and 9410.2

Violations of North Surrey's Code of Conduct will be addressed by pre-planned, fair progressive discipline which is intended to be preventative and restorative and taking into account student individuality, maturity and development.  These may include some or all of the following:

  • Teacher/Student conferences
  • Parent contact by teachers
  • Classroom consequences
  • Referral to counsellor
  • Community service
  • Mediation
  • Restorative Justice
  • Referral to Vice-Principal
  • Detentions
  • Removal of school privileges
  • Suspension


Personal Digital Devices are defined as any personal electronic device that can be used to communicate or to access the internet, such as a cell phone, tablet, laptop, or smartwatch.  These devices are important tools which can be used to enhance learning and prepare children for the world in which they will work and live.  Personal digital devices provide support for children who rely on these tools to access learning through services such as translation, adaptations for Individual Education Plans, medical support, health needs, or to provide equity of access to resources.  The classroom teacher is responsible for the learning environment in the classroom, for guiding children to use personal digital devices appropriately, and for determining when personal digital devices should be used.

The safe and responsible use of personal digital devices is expected by all Surrey School District students, employees, volunteers, parents, guardians, and community members who are on school district property or interacting with students or staff.  This includes the following:

  • Those using personal digital devices need to abide by the school code of conduct as well as all Provincial and Federal laws and the British Columbia Human Rights Code.  This includes not using personal digital devices to engage or participate in bullying or harassment, discrimination, or defamation of character.
  • At both elementary and secondary schools, personal digital devices can be used during class time to enhance learning at the direction of the classroom teacher.  These devices should be used in a way that is respectful of other’s learning and does not distract others in terms of light, sound, or by other means.
  • At elementary schools, it is expected that personal digital devices are to be put away during non-class time such as recess and lunch.  Exceptions to this are for students who need digital devices for medical or health reasons, translation, accessibility, or other student-specific reasons.
  • Personal Digital Devices should not be used during lock down procedures or drills.  The use of personal digital devices during this time may impact the emergency safety response.
  • Surrey School District staff and students should not be recorded, visually or audibly, for any reason without their prior consent.
  • The Surrey School District is not responsible for lost, missing, or damaged personal digital devices that students choose to bring to school.

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