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Course Planning

Welcome to our Course Planning Site!

Course Request at North Surrey for the 2024-2025 school year.  

Please review the Learning Guide and Planning Tools, by following the links on this page. The Learning Guide lists detailed course descriptions from each of our school departments.  The Exploration Years (gr 8-9) and Graduation Years (gr 10-12) Planning Tools outline the list of courses and requirements by grade.

Important Dates:

The process for planning next year's courses will begin in February 2024.

The Course request Portal in MyEd will be open from February 1 to February 26, 2024.

Counsellors and administrators will visit student classrooms to review the course request process and course choices for students.  At home students and parents can review the PowerPoints, Letter sent home for times.

All students must complete this important process online at home.  Accurate data from our students will help us build the best possible timetable to meet student needs for the 2024/2025 school year.

Parents:  We encourage you to discuss and review your child's online requests for the next school year.  Please open and review the Course Planning Tool and the Learning Guide linked to this page.  

Click the "Request courses here" button on the right to logon to the MyEd BC page (student account) to choose courses with your child. 

If you or your child has any questions regarding courses or graduation requirements, please have them contact their counsellor or a vice principal.  If you are having issues with logging on to MyEdBC, please contact Ms. Godal-Davis in the office or email to have your password reset.

North Surrey Learning Guide 2024 2025
Start you research here to see all of the courses that are offered by department.  Use a planning tool from below to guide your choices.

Request courses here at MyEdBC!  
Instructions Requesting Courses Online.pdf

If you are in grade 8-11, logon to the MyEdBC System (Request courses here above) and request your courses after the class presentation. Make sure you use the Learning Guide and Course Planning Tool. 

Having trouble logging on?  Forget your password? Use the “Forgot Password” feature on the MyEducationBC main page!

What's required? How do I graduate? Check out the Course Planning Tools and Learning Guide.

Course Planning Tools/Course Options

Grade 8 and 9 Courses:

Updated Grade 8.9.exploration-years-2023-2024.pdf

Grade 10 - 12 Courses and Credits:

UPDATED Gr 10 to 12 Course Planning Tool 2024 2025.pdf

Are you going into Grade 10 to 12 and planning on taking a summer school or online course or in Grade 12 wanting to take a second study, please send a note to your counsellor on the Course Request in MyED

Course Planning Letters

Course Planning Letters will be emailed home to all families in January.
Grade 7 students entering grade 8 -  2024 2025 Gr 7 into 8 Course Letter for Parents.pdf
Grade 8 students entering grade 9 -   2024-2025 Gr 8 into 9 Course Letter for Parents.pdf
Grade 9 students entering grade 10 - 2024-2025 Gr 9 into 10 Course Letter for Parents.pdf
Grade 10 students entering grade 11 - 2024 2025 Gr 10 to 11 Course Letter for Parents.pdf
Grade 11 students entering grade 12 - 2024-2025 Gr 11 into 12 Course Letter for Parents.pdf

Grade 7 Parent Presentation (February 29, 2024 @ 6:00pm)   Grade 7 Parent Night Power Point 2024 2025.pdf

Grade 8 - 11 Parent Presentation (February 7, 2024 @6:00pm)    Parent Info Night 2024.pdf

Grade 8 into 9 Course Planning Assembly - Gr 8 into 9 Assembly 2024 2025.pdf
Grade 9 into 10  Course Planning Assembly - gr-9-into-10-assembly-2024 2025.pdf
Grade 10 into 11 and 11 into 12  Course Planning Assembly- grade-10-and-11-assembly-2024 2025.pdf

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