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Support Team

Student Support Team

1667407241093.pngCircle of Courage / Medicine Wheel

"The circle, being primary, influences how we as Aboriginal peoples view the world. In the process of how life evolves, how the natural world grows and works together, how all things are connected, and how all things move toward their destiny. Aboriginal peoples see and respond to the world in a circular fashion and are influenced by the examples of the circles of creation in our environment".  Anishinaabe, Cree, and other Indigenous teachings

Support Team 

In our role as a Support Team, administrators and counsellors meet weekly to discuss student progress using a tiered approach to intervention.  Our Indigenous Students are regularly reviewed in respect to their progress and any supports they might be receiving, both inside and outside of our school, especially those students identified on our tiered intervention process. Our Support Team works closely with our School Based Team (SBT) to review any students and specific learning needs they might have or need.  Our Indigenous Students are a key focus of our team and any interventions they might need for their learning.

Mr. Mahli (Principal)
CHRISTENSEN_DIANE.JPGMs. Christensen   (Vice Principal)Screen%20Shot%202022-10-26%20at%201.26.13%20PM.png
Mr. Khaira 
(Vice Principal)
Ms. Konetsky (A to E)
Mr. Orso 
(F to K)
Ms. Vairo 
(L to R)
Ms. McLeod (S to Z)






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