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We excited to offer a variety of student clubs this year.  Simply scan the QR code with your phone's camera to learn more about each club and to sign up.   Clubs QR Codes With Links.pdf

Chess Club
Encourage students to develop and strengthen both critical and creative thinking through learning strategic thinking "outside the box" by studying and playing chess. Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Halushchenko
S.O.S. Club (Spartans of Society)
Under the auspices of Guildford Surrey Rotary, SOS takes part in community fundraisers & activities under motto "Service Above Self" while empowering youth to make positive changes locally & globally. Teacher Sponsors: Ms. Wettig & Ms. Mackie


Student Council
Student Council is a structured group of students who are selected to represent their grades and the school. Council members are responsible for organizing & running events related to creating school spirit. Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Verkaik
Spartan Gardens
Students will organize and maintain the greenhouse, planting seasonal herbs, vegetables, and flowers for plant sales. All proceeds from sales will go toward charitable causes. Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Misura


Spartan Robotics - Hephaestus 6390
Year-round club will design & build a innovative, creative functioning robot with help of knowledgeable mentors. No experience necessary. Must have passion for engineering/science/technology. Teachers Sponsors: Mr. China, Ms. Mackie, Mr. Aliwalas & Mr. Chegwidden


Student VoiceThe club is to talk about and bring awareness to school specific issues.  We will use the idea of the month to come up with a topic for that month.  
Girls Can Talk Society
A student-led organization that strives to foster & promote safe environments for girls to discuss issues. Club plans to fundraise to help organizations with similar goals. Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Brown


Model United Nations Club
An educational simulation and/or academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations and United Nations all while participating in activities, attending workshops and conferences. Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Hayre


Investment Club
Members can learn how to invest in a fun and exciting manner. There will be different competitions, games, and outreach opportunities that will introduce students into the world of money. No prior experience necessary. Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Ohms


Right to Play
Or use join code on TEAMS: cwq98xn Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Schutz


Business Case Competition
Or use join code on TEAMS: ol9bwhl Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Schutz


GSA Gender-Sexuality Alliance
Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Knopp


Environmental Club
Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Misura
Spartans Speak
Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Hall


Diversity & Inclusive Club
Interested in educating yourself about Anti-Racism, Diversity, inclusion, equity for all? Have a desire to fight social injustices and want to break down barriers, dismantle discrimination, racism and implicit biases? Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Stewart
Dance Club/Teams
Use TEAMS code b5p44xo Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Sangha
Musical Theatre ClubCalling all performing artists. Do you like singing, dancing, and acting or any combination of those? If yes, then musical theatre club is the place for you. We perform and have lots of fun doing it!! Tuesday & Thursday's from 3:15 to 4:45 pm in the Theatre with Teacher Sponsors:  Mr. Wrotniak & Ms. Knopp. 
Tech Theatre ClubStudents in this club support the behind the scenes needs of the theatre productions, concerts, and assemblies happening at NSS. Lighting, Sound, Media/Video, Costumes, Props, Stage Management and Stage Crew are some of the fun positions that you can explore in this club. Wednesday's from 3 to 5:00 pm in the Theatre with Teacher Sponsors: Mr. Wrotniak & Mr. Pope. 
Grade 8 Play Drama ClubStudents in grade 8 and some grade 9's from last year will meet every Monday in the theatre from 3 to 4:30 pm to have fun together and it will culminate in a final performance to be shared. Sr. Acting students will help with leadership and mentorship of our grade 8 students. Teacher Sponsor: Ms. MacKenzie 
Improv ClubWe have a Junior Improv Club and a Senior Improv Club. The senior students will help with leadership and mentorship of our junior students. The senior club is for grade 11 and 12 students and is led by Mr. Ebtekar on Friday's in the theatre from 3:15 to 5:00 pm. The Junior Improv Club is for grade 8, 9 and 10 students and it is on Monday's in Portable 8 or the Theatre with Teacher Sponsor:  Mr. Pope
Conversation Cafe Club (Spanish)
Come practice speaking Spanish through conversation during lunch hour. Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Stewart
STEM Outreach ClubClub goal is to inspire young students to pursue their passion for science, technology, engineering and math by giving them a head start in learning, doing projects, experiments and guiding them to helpful resources.  Teacher Sponsors:  Mrs. Ohms & Ms. Jansen
Math ClubA group of four grade 12 students who run a Math Tutoring Club.  The goal of the club is to provide extra support to the junior students in Math. The club meets in room 120 on Monday and Wednesday at lunch.  Teacher Sponsor:  Mrs. Begg1664919369935.png
Science Club
Casual learning environment for students interested and passionate about science, experimenting and exploring concepts outside school classroom curriculum while enhancing their knowledge in the science field. Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Wilson

Peer Tutoring Club
Peer Tutoring supports students who are having difficulty in learning. Purpose is to develop students tutoring and communication skills. Teacher Sponsor: Ms. Jansen

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