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Course Change Requests

Welcome back Spartans! 

The first week of school is exciting, and also very busy for Counsellors! We appreciate your patience as we work through a great many tasks to assist students settling into the new school year. If you are a student wishing to request a course change, please understand that many courses are already full so opportunities for changes are very limited. If you wish to submit a request, please follow the process below: 

  • Pick up a 'Course Change Request Form' from the Counselling area
  • Fill it out, and drop it in the collection box
  • Counsellors will collect, and work through the requests thoughtfully and as quickly as possible
  • Check your MyEd regularly, as changes will be seen there!
  • If your request is NOT possible, Counsellors will try to provide a brief explanation on the form. You can retrieve the form from the same area after it has been processed

*** Before you submit a request, please understand that it is very likely that other courses in your schedule will be moved or changed to accommodate your course request. This often means students may lose their preferred elective(s). ***

We are looking forward to seeing you!

- Counselling Team

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