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The clubs are listed below. You will find a general description of the club, meeting times & location. There may also be link that provides additional detail regarding the specific club.

EmpoweredMs. Yakubowski
Fridays at lunchS206
Global AwarenessMs. Ceccon & Ms. Kalsi
Wednesdays at lunchS202
Grad CouncilMs. Bal & Ms. Krawchuk
As needed at lunch    N110N110
MulticulturalMs. Hazhir
Tuesdays at lunchM110
Student CouncilMs. MacKenzie & Mr. Bains at lunchS204
Cure for CancerMs. Carmichael  
Thursdays at lunchN218
Anomaly (Science)Mr. Shaikh
Tuesdays at lunchN102
Exposure (Literature)Ms. Letourneau & Ms. McCann    Exposure Submissions at lunchN206
Homework ClubMs. Hansra
3:00-4:00pm Mon-Frionline
RecyclingMr. Milne
1 x week as neededM105
Film ClubMr. Powell  
Tuesdays at lunchS109
iDEAS 36Mr. Khaira & Ms. Bal
5 x year (Oct-May)off site location
DebateMs. Hutchison
Fridays 2:15pmS201
TourismMs. Krawchuk & Ms. Hutchison
Fridays lunch & afterschoolM104

Break the DivideMr. O'Donnell
Thursdays at lunchS207
B.A.S.E.S. Green BuddyMs. Choi
Tuesdays at lunchM105
Engineering ClubMr. J. Erickson
Mon & Fri at lunchM114
Green TeamMs. Farquhar
as neededS100
Model UN ClubMs. Hutchison
Fridays afterschoolS201
Entrepreneurship ClubMr. L'Abbe
Tuesdays at lunchS107
Animal Awareness SocietyMr. Dhasi
Wednesdays at lunchN106
ASL Club (American Sign Language)Ms. Choi
Tuesdays at lunchM105

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