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The clubs are listed below. You will find a general description of the club, meeting times & location. There may also be link that provides additional detail regarding the specific club.

AllianceMs. McMartin
Ms. Kang
Ms. Ghag
lunchN205Safe place for LGBTQ teens & allies.
Animal Advocacy & AwarenessMs. TancownyTues/Fri
AnomalyMs. Nelson
Mr. Shaikh
lunchN102Promote science initiatives & awareness of science related issues.
Art ClubMs. TancownyThursdays
Board Games with BASESMs. Choidaily
lunchM107Other students to visit BASES room & engage with students - building relationships, etc.
Break the Divide (Global Change)Mr. O'DonnellMondays
lunchS207Create change locally, nationally & globally.
Chess ClubMr. L'AbbeMon/Fri
lunchS107Learn & play chess.
Cure for CancerMs. CarmichaelThursdays
lunchN218Raise awareness & fundraise for cancer.
Digital DesigningMr. L'AbbeThursdays
lunchS107Educate students about 3E modelling, etc.
EmpoweredMs. YakubowskiFridays
lunchS206Help prevent domestic violence locally & globally.
EngineeringMr. JensenT/W/Th
lunchM114Explore various physics based experiments.
EnvironmentalMs. McMahonMondays
lunchN100Raise awareness for environmental issues.
ExposureMs. KalsiThursdays
lunchN219Student published journal - writing & art
Free SpeechMr. OfficerMondays
afterschoolN214Have your voice heard.
Gaming ClubMs. BrachTuesdays
lunchPort 3People sharing interest in board/video games.
Gift of HealthMs. GintherMondays
lunchN115Raise awareness & money for child healthcare.
Girls Can Talk TamanawisMs. SandhuMondays
lunchN110Young women have conversations about women's issues globally & at Tamanawis.
Grad CouncilMs. Krawchukas needed
lunchM104Planning graduation activities.
HomeworkMs. HansraMon-Fri
7:50-8:30amM205Space/support for students to do homework.
Jam ClubMr. MilneWednesdays
afterschoolPort 4Opportunity for students to express themselves musically.
Leaders of TamanawisMs. SandhuWednesdays
3:00pmN110Pairing Seniors with young students. (buddies)
Math ChallengersMr. WalbourneTuesdays
lunchPort 5Exchange math ideas, etc (gr 8 & 9)
MulticulturalMs. HazhirWednesdays
lunchN210Celebrate diversity of our school.
Path to ReconciliationMr. O'DonnellFridays
lunchS207Fundraise & discussion of specific issues the First Nation face.
Recycling ProgramMs. Jabeen (BASES)Wednesdaysblock D
Engage students in hands on "green" projects.
Social SpotlightMr. Officer

Safe place in/out of school & classes.
Student CouncilMs. MacKenzie
Mr. Bains  
Student leadership & school community.
Theatre CompanyMr. SaucyMon/Thur
afterschoolA109Create a Drama community (all grade levels)
Yo Bro Yo Girls ProgramMr. Bains
Safe Schools - Shaan
Focus on prevention of gang involvement, violence & substance use among youth.
Revised: 2022-12-06 (MD)

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