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District Partnership & Dual Credit Programs

District Partnership is a set of programs available to senior students, targeted at grade 12s. District Partnership Programs occur annually in second semester at other school sites around the city. Registered students earn credits towards their high school graduation, while also earning post-secondary level training.

To learn what Surrey School District has to say about Career Education and these programs visit:

PLEASE NOTE: grade 11 students are selected through an application process in the early spring.  While tuition is paid for by the district some programs require students to pay additional fees. These fees are highlighted in each individual brochure. Students will be required to to travel to an alternative school site daily.

Applications must be completed, signed and delivered to the Career Department room A150 by assigned deadline TBD

In the 2023-24 school year, SD36 is offering the following courses:



Your District Partnership Program contact person is Ms. Nikkanen.

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