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Extra-curricular activities are a valuable part of the school's education program.  Our school is proud to offer a range of school-based structured organizations for additional school learning.  These include many athletic activities and clubs that extend beyond the normal school hours and operate under the supervision of a staff member. 

Sports and athletic activities are competitive, individual or team activities which are sponsored by the school and governed by the Surrey Secondary Schools' Athletic Association.  Clubs are structured groups of students who come together on a regular basis for a specifically defined and approved purpose.

School District Policy requires that information regarding clubs be sent to you so that you have the opportunity to approve your child's involvement in such activities.  Please view the list of clubs below that are available at Johnston Heights Secondary School and a brief description of their purpose.

Parents who require further information about any of the extra-curricular activities are invited to contact school office staff. If parents wish to have their child(ren) excluded from any of the available activities, they should send a written request to the school administration.

At Johnston Heights we have a wide array of clubs, teams, and groups to participate in! Below is a list of some of the options for 2022-2023!

Alumni Association

The objective of the Alumni Association is to maintain a dynamic relationship with JH graduates and current JH students through our events. Our main goal as a committee is to facilitate our May event, consisting of an opportunity for alumni and current JH students to meet and socialize, while also hosting games and activities.

3-4pm in the JH Learning Commons on the last Monday of each month.
Animation Club

Develop, learn and analyze animations and drawing skills by using technology and online programs, like Adobe.

3-4pm in 4FP on Tuesdays.
Big Sisters ClubCreate a girls group where girls can have a safe space to hangout, make friends and learn from older girls who have experience through a mix of field trips, fun activities and self-help activities . Grade 11 & 12 girls who are committed members and grade 8-10 girls who are rotating. 
3-4:30pm in 4 ORL on Mondays
BOTB Band ClubFor students to build cooperation, trust, friendship, social skills, music skills and leadership. To build confidence in one's musical talents.  Members are expected to have their own instrument and have some knowledge/experience of the instrument they play.
3-4pm in the Band Room on Mondays
Business Club

Provide students the opportunity to get a broader business mindset as well as compete in a case competition held at UBC Sauder School of Business. Focus on getting workshops on business topics as well as university preparation.   Case competition preparation month: have meetings and practice sessions to prepare for case competitions. Workshop Wednesdays: Alumni who are taking business will come in and give presentations and advice.

3-4pm in 2 FP on Thursdays
Canadian Blood Services: Partners for Life

To gather and raise awareness for the need for blood donors across Canada. Members help with CBS-related school events, including mounting posters in the school building and helping with social media advertising.

3-4pm in 5 FLN on Mondays
CGI Club

Where students are able to share their passion of creating 3D digital images, collaborate, and share knowledge to grow and discover individually and together.

3-4pm in 4FP on Wednesdays and Thursdays
ComCon (Community Connections)To develop, fine tune, and make habitual, leadership skills and attitudes by involvement in the local and outside communities. Regular participation and contributions of time, skills and energy are expected of all members. The group intends to support the needy, ill and charitable organizations, raise scholarship money, and be of service to the community and the school. Meetings happen on Day 2 twice monthly after school as well as at lunchtime when needed for special projects.
Lunchtime as needed and Day 2 after school twice per month in 6FP or 2EWW
Crochet at Three (CAT)

To provide a safe and comforting environment to learn a new skill and contribute to a good cause. Learn to crochet and use these skills to make baby blankets that will be donated to women's shelter or Surrey Memorial Hospital.

3-4:15pm in 3 RLS on Wednesdays

Youth-led club with a mission to empower females to become leaders in their schools, communities and workplaces. Educate, advocate and inspire females. Guided by values of care, compassion, committment and trust. Open to all grades. Members need to commit to one lunch time meeting per week and one after school session in nearby elementary school every other week. Meetings are held weekly to plan fundraisers and events, run workshops and prepare programs. Meet biweekly as well to run mentorship program with local elementary school.

Lunchtime in IB Centre on Mondays; 3-4pm biweekly on Thursdays
French Club

To assist younger students in their French studies and immerse them in French culture. Assistance in preparing year 1 IBDP students for their upcoming exams. French lessons (grammar, vocab, speaking), cultural activities (painting, cooking, art, etc.)

3-4pm in 1 RLS on Mondays
Girls Weightroom

Create a safe space for teen girls to exercise and build confidence in the weightroom. Open to students identifying as female. Members participate in group workouts three days per week.

3-5pm in the Weightroom on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Good Guys

Working alongside the registered non-profit organization, The Good Guys BC, to host fundraisers, clothing drives and other events to provide packed meals, clothing and care packages for the less fortunate.    Executive team and 10+ general volunteer members who assist with events. Executive team works together to form ideas, plan events and execute plans.    Each executive member has individual tasks, specific to their position. Activities include fundraising, clothing drives, sandwich assembly, media marketing, outreaching sponsors and general brainstorming.

3-4pm in 2 RLS on Tuesdays
JH Animal Society

Officially run under the BCSPCA. Raise awareness and enthusiasm towards animals - particularly those at the shelter. Members are encouraged, but not required, to help during events and join out of school trips.  Meet twice weekly to plan for events such as fund/supply raisers for our local SPCA. Occasional weekend trips for animal-related activities.

Lunchtime in 1 RLS on Tuesdays and Thursdays
JH Association with WHISCA

To bring the school and local community together with the common goal of helping developing nations through the WHISCA organization: Willing Hearts International Society Canada.   Members are expected to attend weekly meetings to discuss ideas and results of actions, run fundraisers and work with other parts of the school to raise money.

3-4 pm in 2 EWW on Mondays and 3 RP on Fridays
JH Car Club

Enrich student learning and provide a space for inquiry into automotive maintenance, repair and restorationMembers will need a car to work on and must have parental consent to participate. 

3:15 - 4:30pm in 1 PL on Tuesdays
JH Fitness Club

To give kids an opportunity to exercise and get fit using the facilities provided by the schoolWorkout circuit including cardio and sports conditioning, creating diet and workout plans, wrestling, and boxing.

3-4:15pm in the Weightroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays
JH Media Crew

Develop journalistic skills by reporting on school events. Members require teamwork, communication skills, basic knowledge of technology, and social media experience.  Members come to meetings and maintain attendance on Microsoft Teams for informed communication and follow ups.

Lunch time in 2 FP on Tuesdays
KPOP ClubBring together people with interest in KPOP music, make new friends, have fun while dancing and playing games. Be kind, inclusive, respectful and communicative. Report any issues to the club leader or teacher sponsor. Maintain appropriate behaviour, even online. Max 35 members. Workshops for different people to teach various kpop dances. Random play dances in cafeteria before each school break, including games and prizes. Occasionally just hang out, eat snacks and watch kpop videos. 
3-4:30pm in 3 PL on Fridays    
Language Learning Club

Encourage individuals to connect with another language, further study of French or Spanish, or keep up with one's family language (other than English.) Create an encouraging and lively community in which people can learn at their own pace. Members are strongly encouraged to participate weekly to brainstorm prompts and topics to explore over the weekends, share progress and interesting things learned or explored.

Lunch time in 1 FLS on Mondays and Fridays
Mathematics Tutoring

To teach, encourage and clarify the concepts and skills in highschool mathematics in order to help students become confident in math.  Aiming for conceptual understanding, review of concepts, clarification, and connecting on previously learned concepts.

3-4pm in 5 RLN on Mondays
Model United Nations Club

A place for students to roleplay delegates in a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly and other specialized UN Committees. This activity takes place at MUN conferences which are held after school on Thursdays. Open to all grades, especially those students interested in politics. Organized meetings each week educate members on international issues and improve debate, public speaking and research skills, then teach members how to apply these skills in Model UN Conferences.

3-4pm in the IB Centre on Thursdays
MSA of JHA safe place for the diverse Muslim and non-Muslim community of JH to come together and interact in a positive and encouraging environment, to help younger students get to know JH and the programs and events it offers and to provide peer counselling and mentoring. Approximately 25 members from any background will meet at lunchtime for Islamic and JH based trivia and learning plans.
Lunchtime in 2FP on Fridays

Aim to improve the lives of less fortunate people.  Members must sign up - open to everyoneActivities include fundraising events, cards for Christmas and Mother's Day, creating infographics for our Instagram handle.

Lunchtime in 4 WL on Fridays
Prosperity ClubTo foster an environment that results in a healthy, fulfilling and properous lifestyle. Meetings include presentations and activities on various topics such as healthy eating, exercise, hygiene, productive habits, organization, time management, substances, etc. Members only; however, a safe space for all types of people. Members may be asked to participate in volunteering and fundraising activities.
3-4pm in 3 RP biweekly on Mondays
Run Club

To run and develop running abilities while developing a community of similar minded runners. Also to train for cross country, track and general health.   Members are expected to run around school and participate in club runs with a positive attitude.

3-4pm in the Fitness Centre from Monday to Thursday

Safety, Education, Advocacy and Support for Sexual Assault Victims

Provide a safe space for people to talk about the effects of sexual assault through the use of educational videos, games and guest speakers. Educate others on a sensitive topic and raise awareness on ways to prevent sexual assault. Create fundraisers to donate to foundations that support sexual assault victims.  Members must be able to keep confidentiality and be committed to helping out, inclusive and respectful.   

Lunch time in 4 FLS on Wednesdays
Senior Film ClubTo highlight and appreciate various cultures and languages and explore aesthetic, political, and social issues, both current and past, through the viewing and discussion of movies from current and past directors. Open to Senior Students in grades 11 and 12. Meets biweekly on Fridays with impromptu meetings scattered during lunches / after school to allow students to collaborate on initiatives.
3-4 pm in 4 HL biweekly on Fridays

Safe space for LGBTQ2+ students and their alliesOpen to students of all grades who identify as LGBTQ2+ or are allies.  Weekly meetings to discuss gender identity and sexual orientation as well as some after school community service initiatives. Meetings weekly at lunch and some after school events.

Lunchtime in 5 FLN on Fridays
Tutorial Club

Provide a place for students to get help with their studiesPeer tutors who volunteer need to commit to their individual scheduled days. Students can sign in to the club, get help with work if needed, or just come to a quiet place to work.

3-4pm in the Learning Commons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Wellness Initiative

Bring students together in a friendly environment to work with numerous organizations to help better the communityEveryone is welcome to participate. Meet twice per week for volunteering and school-wide activities. Will hold communal activites as well as school-wide workshops.

3-4pm in IB Centre or Small Gym on Tuesdays and Fridays

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