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Extra-curricular activities are a valuable part of the school's education program.  Our school is proud to offer a range of school-based structured organizations for additional school learning.  These include many athletic activities and clubs that extend beyond the normal school hours and operate under the supervision of a staff member. 

Sports and athletic activities are competitive, individual or team activities which are sponsored by the school and governed by the Surrey Secondary Schools' Athletic Association.  Clubs are structured groups of students who come together on a regular basis for a specifically defined and approved purpose.

School District Policy requires that information regarding clubs be sent to you so that you have the opportunity to approve your child's involvement in such activities.  Please view the list of clubs below that are available at Johnston Heights Secondary School and a brief description of their purpose.

Parents who require further information about any of the extra-curricular activities are invited to contact school office staff. If parents wish to have their child(ren) excluded from any of the available activities, they should send a written request to the school administration.

At Johnston Heights we have a wide array of clubs, teams, and groups to participate in! Below is a list of some of the options for 2023-2024


Name of your Club/Extra-Curricular ActivityName of Teacher SponsorName of student chair/ head of clubStatement of PurposeList the activities/ events your club may plan and what month they runMeeting Plan for the Year: Location, Days and Times or Blocks
Art ClubMegan FlamandLuca Barnes
Maddison Geiger 
Indigenous students and Allies welcomes, Art focused curriculum with Indigenous teachings.Mural Project, Cultural crafts, Painting, Drawing. Mondays at 3pm in the Learning Commons
ASL clubJade Tomelden ChambersunknownThe purpose of this ASL club is to provide opportunities for students to practice ASL with each other.No special events.Thursdays at lunchtime in 2HL
Believe Leadership ClubGrace MurrayMinh Anh Phan are still finalizing activities.  Please see weblink aboveMondays 3pm to 4:15pm in 3RLS
Black student unionMs. Davis DeborahChisa Amadi
Kaira Campbell
Black students are underrepresented in Johnson heights, and black student union is a safe place for Black students to come and express themselves,and through Black student union we can educate other people about African and carribean culture.-cultural food sale
 -cultural day/parade
 -African food eating contests, etc
 These activities will run during black history month in February 
 - presentations from black leaders in assembly 
Meetings would start officially late November but be more prominent in January. I don't have a solid time yet. But Meetings would be during lunch, and in February most of the activities would be held
Book-ishBrynn Marshall Katriele Bustamante Bonnie Luo Create a fun and safe space to develop and share students interests in books with engaging activities within the school and community. Book drive, peer reading, Biweekly in 5HL after school on Tuesdays 
Business ClubMs. HutchinsonSelina Zhang
Gordon Li
Promoting Entrepreneurial spirit at JH
 Spreading financial literacy
 Engagement through case competitions
- Practice case competitions (ie: strategies on solving problems in business) and preparing for competitions, such UBC's "mini enterprise, propser, strive and fuse society")Thursday after school
Chess club -- this is tentative. Will have to gauge student interest.Mr. CastroNot sure yet? To teach (& learn alongside) students the basics of chess - from the rules and how to move the pieces to principles, development tactics, and strategy.If enough students sign up & maintain interest in the club, would be cool to do a ranked chess competition among teachers & students? Sometime in Spring? Maybe timed? 10-minute matches? This would be up to students.One or two days a week in 6ORL? 
 Not Fridays.
Community Connections   (COMCON)Harriet Tuey
Service to the school & outside community
 Leadership Skills taught & practiced
all year as various requests & opportunities occur1 or 2 EWW as needed - am/lunchtime/after school
Dungeons and Dragons ClubJoshua JensenGrace LiuCollaborative story-telling and developing communication skills through role-playing gamesOctober to May. Club meetings to play and collaborateThursdays, 3WL, 3pm-5pm
Exponential Eagles Math ClubMrs. PunjHayden Klassen- to encourage positive attitude towards mathematics and provide the students community and - - opportunities to learn.
 - to stimulate mathematical curiosity
 - to inspire thinking and collaboration
 - to provide support to struggling learners
Help with problem solving/exam prep for IBDP
Contest Preparation
Every Monday after school from 3 pm t 3:45 pm
Fitness ClubMr. MuenchDaniyal UsmaniCreate an opportunity for students to regularly exercise in the gym, while learning about personal health and fitness.N/AWeight Room / 1 PL
 Tuesdays and Thursdays: 3:00-4:15
Girls Weight Room ClubOlivia BruceAlicia Anekwu 
Kaitlyn Stertz
A space where girls can workout judgement free and learn from one another about working out. All year long, 2 days a week (Mon& Wed 3-4:25) in the weight room. First Wednesday of each month after school. 
Grad CouncilDawn Perdue & Andrew AikenheadNot determined yet.To organize grad activities.Boat Cruise, spirit days, etc.Will vary throughout the year. Meetings on Day 2s only in 5 FLN or 3 FLS.
JH Alumni ClubChris YunArsha Harigovindan
Salima Ghanizhdah
Zehra Turgut
To celebrate the journey of JHSS graduates by building a one-of-a kind community by reminiscing about the past, enlightening the present and embracing the future.
 ⁃ Community service
 ⁃ Social events
 ⁃ Providing ways for alumni to help each other as well as provide guidance to students looking for help and advice.
⁃ Movie night event sometime in November. The ticket sales will start 2 weeks before the set date.
 ⁃ Q&A Sessions with graduate students from previous years.
 ⁃ School dances similar to last years event.
Thursday at lunch in 8 FP
JH Run ClubJosh FiliatraultKevin ZhangTo create a safe, consistent  community of students interested in running and/or fitnessSchool team for the Vancouver sun RunMonday to Thursday  (3pm - 3:30pm)
Meeting place: Weight room
 Running locations: JH 2km Loop, Stairwell @ Raven Lane South, Around JHSS, South Fire Lane at JHSS
K-pop ClubEvonne LinCilenne DavidBring together people with interest in K-pop music, make new friends, have fun while dancing and playing games. Workshops for dance, performances all year. Occasionally just hang out, eat snacks and watch kpop videos.
Dance room/ Foods room every Wednesday afterschool.
Media CrewKristine Hutchinson & Vincent ChooAdora HuynhJohnston Heights Media Crew is an exciting club that gives students with a passion for media arts an opportunity to dive into creative projects, collaborate with fellow enthusiasts, and contribute to the vibrant JH community and tell our story through various mediums.Media Crew works year round to capture important moments at JH and celebrate student accomplishments and milestones.  As a result, Media Crew will be active throughout the year and seeks out opportunities, such as dances, dinners and sports events, to take pictures, video and advertise on social media.  Tuesdays at Lunch in 3FP
Model UN ClubMat GiacomelloDilara PriyankarageDiscuss Model UNs. Practice how to participate and organize one.JH Model UN (Similar to last year with more planning involved)Tuesdays after school (when needed) - Room TBD (maybe 1 FP)
Multicultural ClubMrs. PunjAgatha Thapa, Shilpa Singh, and Jenny LiuWe take pride in embracing International baccalaureate roots at JH. Therefore, we are dedicated to have a club that embraces the vibrant diversity of students.- planning for a year end multicultural event
 - fundraising for cancer society
Every Thursday after school in RLN 5
Music Leadership ClubSylvia NamMarkus Saret & Cilenne DavidFor our music students to take active part in building a community in JH Music Department! You will be organizing events, welcoming students, advertising music department and partaking in other creative tasks in places needed. JH Music Welcome Social (October), Year-End Social (June)Music Room, Tuesdays Bi-weekly at Lunch time and separate meeting times based on your role!
Nihilo clubJosh FiliatraultCaitlyn CamalesTo improve the lives of the less fortunate through leadership, collaboration and volunteering.Card Making for hospice homes, Mothers Day, and Christmas (Through Frances Longaza)
 Food Drives (Monitored a donation box for Christmas 
 Community engagement, previously through volunteering at community kitchens in Cloverdale area.
 Informational Resources: infographics to disseminate knowledge related to theme months.
Fridays at lunch in 4 Wolf Lane
Robotics ClubJoshua JensenYash JindalParticipate in Robotics Competitions using the Vex V5 suite of robots.The club will design, prototype, test, and program robots that can compete in one or both of the annual Vex competitions. We will run from September until MayWednesdays after school from 3-5:30/6 in room 3WL. Potential for lunch hour meetings as needed in 3WL as well.
SOGIDawn Perdue and Noel AbrahamUsually Dilara P.To give a safe space for members and allies of the LGBTQ2+ community to discuss SOGI issues and hold SOGI events.Pride month activities in June and perhaps some field trips. Lunch time in 5 FLN (not sure what day of the week yet).
STEM ClubMx. Noel AbrahamTo be decided The purpose of this club is for students to have the opportunity to explore STEM topics of interest related to science and engineering , and use this to work on innovative, creative and/or community STEM projects of their choice. October - December : 
 All students - Smart Home design with Coding, Engineering design and Sustainable solutions. 
 Grade 8’s and 9’s - Let’s Talk Science STEM Rover challenge. 
Dates to be decided by early October 2023. Plan is to meet one day of the week after school from 2.50pm to 3.50pm.
Stop the _______Ms.MarshallAashita GoyalThis club is designed to cover multiple aspects of world issues and history by addressing different themes each month/bi-weekly based on the significant history related to those days. We will be planning activities and posting information around school and Instagram so we can convey knowledge about the particular topic. We will also hold events ( and consider fundraisers) to support any related organizations and initiate more learning.For each month (or bi-weekly) we will be discussing different significances and posting posters and information around school (it would be nice to have a board available if possible). We will be planning to have at least 1 fundraiser every 3-5 months. Our monthly themes are not fully decided as we will be having votes as to what to cover but some of the options for each month include:
 January: Tamil Heritage Month, International Holocaust remembrance, national day of remembrance of Quebec City Mosque attack and action against Islamophobia
 February: Black history Month, National flag of Canada day
 March: Irish heritage month, International day of elimination of racial discrimination ( could include a week to cover this)
 April: Genocide remembrance, Condemnation and prevention month, Sexual assault awareness month, Sikh heritage month
 May: Asian heritage month, Mental health awareness, Canadian Jewish Heritage month
 June: LGBTQ+ month, Indigenous history month, Italian heritage month, Filipino heritage month, Portuguese heritage month
 July: Disability pride month
 August: Latinx Heritage Month
 September: Mennonite heritage month, gender equality week
 October: German Heritage month, Canadian Islamic history museum month,  Women's history month
 November: Hindu heritage month, remembrance month, veterans' week, Canadian history week, beginning of 16 days of activism against gender violence
 December: Human rights day (could dedicate the whole month to human rights), International day of people with disabilities 
We will be having a meeting every week on Wednesday at lunch in room 5HL. 
Tennis ClubSarah MerxDIVNEET KAURTennis, for me, has been a source of both exhilaration and personal growth. It's a sport that not only hones physical fitness but also sharpens quick thinking and promotes teamwork. I can clearly remember the times of winning and feeling close with my teammates on the court. The potential of a Tennis Club extends beyond the game itself. It's an inclusive space where students of all levels can come together, learn, and grow .Furthermore, studies consistently affirm the positive influence of sports on academic performance. By initiating a Tennis Club, we're not just broadening extracurricular options, but creating a nurturing ground for personal development and forging genuine connections. This endeavor is more than just exciting; it has the power to shift perspectives and instill valuable life skills. And who knows, with the right support, this club could evolve into a formidable tennis team, showcasing our school's athletic prowess. This is an opportunity to not only refine our sportsmanship but also to become better individuals and build enduring friendships. I'm eager to discuss this further and explore the potential this club holds.In our Tennis Club, we've got a dynamic range of activities lined up to ensure everyone gets the most out of their tennis experience
 1. Skill-building Sessions: Regular practice sessions focusing on different aspects of tennis, including serving, volleying, and footwork.(also training people interested in tennis and advices for those who want to pursue the sport)
 2. Friendly Matches and Skill Challenges :to boost up the competitive spirit
 3. Mini Tournaments(depending on the players)
 4. Team-building Exercises and fun games
 5.Fitness and Conditioning Workouts: Include sessions to improve physical fitness, agility, and endurance, which are essential for tennis.
 Club will meet once a week to do these activities either during lunch or after school. 
Club will meet once a week to do these activities either during lunch or after school. Club will either be in the gym or on the tennis courts depending on the weather and the time of year. 
Tutorial ClubZiyu WangN/ATutorial Club aims to provide a space after school where all JH students are welcome to come into the Learning Commons to get help with schoolwork from fellow student Peer Tutors. We hope to continue building a community of support and collaboration between students of all grades. N/ALocation: Learning Commons
 Times: After school (2:45-3:45)
 Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays (may expand to Wednesdays depending on PT schedules and student needs)

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