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Extra-curricular activities are a valuable part of the school's education program.  Our school is proud to offer a range of school-based structured organizations for additional school learning.  These include many athletic activities and clubs that extend beyond the normal school hours and operate under the supervision of a staff member. 

Sports and athletic activities are competitive, individual or team activities which are sponsored by the school and governed by the Surrey Secondary Schools' Athletic Association.  Clubs are structured groups of students who come together on a regular basis for a specifically defined and approved purpose.

School District Policy requires that information regarding clubs be sent to you so that you have the opportunity to approve your son/daughter's involvement in such activities.  Click on the link below for a list of clubs that are available at Johnston Heights Secondary School and a brief description of their purpose.

Parents who require further information about any of the extra-curricular activities are invited to contact school office staff. If parents wish to have their child(ren) excluded from any of the available activities, they should send a written request to the school administration.

At Johnston Heights we have a wide array of clubs, teams, and groups to participate in! Below is a list of some of the options for 2021-2022!

TitleDescriptionMeeting TimesLocation
An educational and explorative experience for science, technology, engineering and mathematics; 10-20 members from all grades; Robotics, computing and mathematics
Monday/Wednesday 3pm - 4:30pm
3 Wolf Lane
To educate and practice creativity in the style of breakdance. 3-10 members from all grades; stay positive, encourage each other, have fun. Breakdancing biweekly practice and competitions
Tuesday, Thursday 3pm - 4:30pm
3 Puffin Lane (Dance Studio)
A recreational opportunity to learn traditional Punjabi folk dance with JH peers. Open to students in all grades
Mondays 3pm - 4:30pm
3 Puffin Lane (Dance Studio)
A student forum where representatives of clubs and leadership groups share ideas and plans about school events. Seeks to develop and amplify student voices. Open to all students. share events and activities happening school-wide
Fridays: first of the month
Animation Club
Open opportunity for students to draw, animate and view other's animations. Anyone welcome. Some materials provided. Draw, animate, watch animations and learn how to use adobe animate and photoshop
Tuesdays 3-4pm
4 FP
Band Club
 Going beyond the music offered in Band and Jazz bands. 15-20 members who want to learn how to play music; members to bring own instruments and practice outside of school. Find scores online to play together; perform and record together; help each other.
Tuesday, Thursday @ lunchtime
Band Room
Best Buddies
 Building friendships between the BASES community and students at JH. Members and BASES students will be paired and meet once per week at lunch and after school; plan fundraiser events. Training, brainstorming and collaboration.
Biweekly @ lunch
Dungeons & Dragons Club
To provide a safe place to learn and play D&D. Max. 5 students with basic attendance etiquette. Teach new players, have a game session; long term plan to connect with CAS 
Fridays @ lunchtime
International Culture Popularize Club (ICPC)
Focused on developing school wide cultural celebrations. Approximately 10 students with different cultural backgrounds. Learn about and participate in cultural activities, dress and foods
Monday 3:10 - 4:10pm
JH Animal Society
Social networking around the love of animals. Planning related fundraisers and activities. Official BC SPCA School Club; non-club members welcome at meetings. Set up fundraisers, mini events, information sharing
Tuesday, Thursday @ lunchtime
JH Business Club
Planning and participation in "Case Competitions"; practice public speaking. 15-20 members who want to think creatively and tackle business problems; Teamwork, case analysis, present solutions
Thursday 3pm - 4:00pm
JH Magazine
Design of an online student-focused newsletter. 5-10 members with some degree of graphic design, web development and information gathering/reporting; publish semesterly magazine, teams for designing vs information gathering, open to ideas
Thursday 3pm - 4:00pm
4 FP
JH Media Crew
 To inform the school community on all the events taking place at JH. Open to all grades; interview process takes place in June. MediaCrew members meet once a week to plan events to cover
Tuesday @ lunchtime 
JH Wellness Club
Social networking, focusing on life balance. All students are welcome; aimed towards grade 11/12 students; Tutoring, physical activities, problem-solving challenges
Tuesday, Friday 3-4pm
IB Ctr, 2 HL
KPOP Club 
 A community of students bonding over their common interest in KPOP culture. Anyone welcome. Listening to music together, dance covers, bulk album buys 
Tuesday, Thursday 3pm - 4:30pm
3 Puffin Lane (Dance Studio); Cafe
French Language Club
Extension of curricular French, focused on conversation, games and culture. Basic understanding of French and a willingness to learn, enthusiasm toward French culture. Field trips, analysis/discussion of French media, games and other activities
Every other Friday; 3-4pm
Model United Nations Club
Involvement in Model UN conference; open to all grades and students interested in politics; aimed for 20 members organize a MUN conference, education on international issues and conference etiquette, debate/public speaking/research skills development
Wednesday 3-4pm
IB Centre
Tutorial Club
 An opportunity for students to get help for their assignments/homework from senior peer tutors.; 10-20 members from all grades; All subjects
Tuesdsay, Wednesday, Thursday 3-4pm
Learning Commons
Welcome Club 
The purpose is to create a safe space where new students to JH can make new friends and meet other students; 14 permanent members and any number of drop-in participants; activities include games, arts & crafts, outdoor sports & games
Tuesday, Thursday @ lunchtime
4 Orca Lane
Weightlifting Club
To give an introduction to, tips about, knowledge on and motivation for weightlifting from experienced peers. 10-20 members dressed in gym strip and ready to lift. Plan to meet in the weight room twice a week after school to complete group workouts
Tuesday, Thursday 3pm - 4pm
Weight Room
An activist club dedicated to school and community social issues. 20-30 members - everyone welcome. Fundraising activities, school spirit events, constructing infographics and presentations on social issues 
3 Wolf Lane
Raising awareness of the school community environment by recycling, reducing waste, using sustainable resources and collecting garbage.5-6 members; more welcome. 
Mondays at Lunchtime

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