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Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

JHSS PAC Executive 2022/23

President: Theresa Thai
Vice President: Gayathra Gopal
Secretary: Rosey Vasiljevic
Treasurer: Anand Chandrashekar
Member at large: TBA
Member at large: TBA
DPAC rep: Deidra Reay
Email address:

PAC Meetings: Parents are invited to become involved in our school community through the PAC that usually meets at 7pm, one Monday evening per month, in the Johnston Heights Learning Commons. Everyone is welcome. Please refer to the calendar on our school website and download the Eagletime app to stay informed.

Dry Grad Executives 2022/23:
President: Crystal Benjamin
Co-chair: Shannon Clarke
Secretary: Rosie Vasiljevic
Treasurer: Sharlene Deo
Email contact: 


Please email the Dry Grad Committee if you are able to help with donations!

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