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Home Economics


Home Economics 8 - no prerequisites required
Part I - Foods & Nutrition - This introduction to foods includes the study of measurement, nutrition, and basic cooking skills and techniques. Highlights of the term include:

  • pizza
  • pasta
  • muffins & biscuits
  • cakes & cookies

Part II - Clothing - In this introduction to sewing students will learn how to operate and care for a sewing machine. Highlights of this term include:

  • hand sewing
  • machine operations
  • pattern layout, pinning, cutting,straight & reinforced seams
  • boxer shorts
  • bonus projects (bears, frogs, stuffed animals, tote bags, pillows, etc)


Home Economics 9: Foods - no prerequisites required
Develop your skills in planning, preparing and presenting nutritious foods. This course provides hands-on practice in the preparation and service of breakfast, lunch and dinner items. Highlights of the semester include:

  • cultural foods & buffets
  • casserole inventions
  • wok cooking (stir fry, chicken chowmein, fried rice)
  • nutrition, eating disorders, & global issues
  • main meals (spaghetti pie, taco salads, macaroni & cheese)
  • muffins & biscuits (apple dumplings)
  • cookies & pastry (cream puffs, turnovers)
  • many cakes & cake decorating (cartoon cakes)

Home Economics 10: Foods - no prerequisites required
Learn how to prepare foods that are fun, fast and fantastic. Food Studies 10 students will acquire basic nutrition information and apply it to meals, snacks and basic food prep skills. Safety and sanitation will be emphasized. Highlights of the semester include:

  • handmade pasta
  • homemade ice cream & Frappuccino
  • buffet lab: vegetables and salads
  • vegetarianism
  • muffins, pizza pockets and cinnamon buns
  • burgers & fries, chicken fajitas and much more...

Home Economics is skills for life!


Food Art Studies 11 - no prerequisites required
Food Arts is the best of two disciplines: FOOD & ART. This course explores food as a medium for artistic presentations. Highlights of the Semester include:

  • Elements and Principles of Design
  • placemats, portfolios and apron painting
  • cookie candle making
  • gifts baskets from the kitchen
  • dough sculptures and bread bead designs
  • pastries- pies and choux swans
  • full meal presentations with an eye for plating and garnishing
  • cake decorating
  • party planning- beverages & snacks

Impress your guests with your food designs. Food Art Studies is food, fun and creative.
Food Studies 11 - no prerequisites required
Learn how to prepare nutritious snacks and healthy meals for a fast paced lifestyle. This course will explore baking basics, advanced yeastbreads, nutrition, meats and alternatives, safety and sanitation and full meal preparation. Highlights of the Semester include:

  • loaf of bread and cinnamon buns, and braided apple strudel
  • handmade pastas-lasagna
  • rice buffets
  • design and decorate your own cakes
  • author a children's nutrition book or game
  • experiment to explore the "Why's" of baking and food preparation

This course has a practical orientation to give the students skills needed for life.
Food Studies 12 - no prerequisites required
Beyond the Basics! Food Studies 12 is for the gourmet in you! Select many of your own food preferences. Develop your skills in planning, preparing and presenting foods. This course emphasizes cultural foods, healthy lifestyles and consumer-wise shopping strategies. Highlights of the Semester include:

  • restaurant and menu planning
  • advanced baking - yeastbreads, danish pastries and jelly rolls
  • multicultural studies of various ethnic cuisines - buffets
  • sushi and handmade pastas - lasagna
  • fondue & flambe
  • nutrition and special diets

Food Studies 12 will prepare you for life beyond Grade 12, a career in food studies, Nutrition, Chef, Cook, Teacher and ....?


Home Economic 9: Textiles - no prerequisites required
Learn to sew or increase the skills you have. Discover the world of fibers, fabrics, and the care of clothing. No experience is needed to join in the fun! Highlights of the semester include:

  • using commercial patterns
  • make tops and bottoms
  • fashion design level 1: design a skirt
  • techniques to make buttonholes, zippers & much more
  • try your hand at quilt making
  • use your creative talents to explore your personal choices in fashion

Home Economics 9: Textile Crafts - no prerequisites required
Have fun making crafts and learning new skills. Highlights of the semester include:

  • knitting
  • making baby mocassins
  • tole painting, rock painting & stencillings
  • making a quilt for a baby or quillo for you
  • pysanka and beading
  • doll and bear making

Home Economics 10: Textiles - no prerequisites required
Interested in exploring the world of fashion design or sewing your own clothes? Join us and learn new skills and techniques. Highlights of the semester include:

  • sewing with tricky fabrics (stretch knit, corduroy or satin)
  • make your own blue jeans, jacket or skirt
  • learn to use: sewing machines, serges & embroidery machines
  • increase your knowledge of fashion design


Textiles 11 - no prerequisites required
Awaken your creativity! Feel the accomplishment when you produce your own unique designs. Dazzle your friends with an awesome outfit. Model your outfits in our school spring fashion show. Basic sewing skills are an asset, but not mandatory. You will learn advanced sewing techniques and difficult commercial patterns used in industry. Study figure shape analysis, colour and design as well as fashion history. Students will supply fabric, patterns and notions. Skills learned may open doors to a career in fashion marketing.

Textile Studies 12
Sew, Sew, Sew - Highlights of the semester include:

  • make many garments of your choice
  • design your own fall or spring line of clothing
  • special skills, techniques and equipment will be used

CP - Fashion & Design 11/12A
Tailor a suit and prepare for a career in fashion and design. Commercial patterns will be used. Good sewing skills needed to complete this program.

CP - Fashion & Design 11/12B
Learn design theory and design all the garments you make. Flat pattern design, making your own sloper and draping a garment will all be covered. Available to all students taking Textiles 11.


Home Economics 9/10: General - no prerequisites required
You can have it all! Foods and Nutrition, Textiles and Design - all in one semester. Highlights of this course include:


  • casserole inventions
  • wok cooking (stir fry, fried rice)
  • main meals (macaroni & cheese, taco salad, spaghetti pie)
  • muffins, biscuits & cookies (apple dumpling, checkerboard cookies)
  • pastry (cream puffs & turnovers)
  • cakes & cake decorating (cartoon cakes)


  • learning to use store bought patterns
  • sewing pajamas, sweat shirts or bathing suit cover-ups
  • sewing other garments of your choice


Family Management 12
This is a continuation of SHB 11 in that the course deals with both psychological and physical growth and development of adolescents, and adults. Highlights of this semester are:

  • interpersonal relationships
  • love, dating and marriage
  • communication
  • family structure
  • aging


Tourism 11/12 - no prerequisites required
Would you like to be a part of Canada's fastest growing industry. Do you enjoy working with people? Explore local and provincial tourism through classroom activities, guest speakers and field trips. Complete certifications in the SuperHost programs and Food Safe. Learn travel counselling skills and gain knowledge and skills that are directly applicable to the hospitality tourism industry.


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