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Learner Support Team

Learner Support Team 

The Learning Support Team/Inclusion 

The LST/Inclusion department is designed to provide support for all students to meet various learning needs. We recognize that all learners have various strengths and needs and such are part of and included in the mainstream classroom. JH Inclusion follows the Response to Intervention Model and provides in-class supports such as being part of the whole teaching process (co-planning/co-teaching/co-assessment), small group supports, student consultations, differentiating lessons, units, activities and assessments, pullouts/separate settings for assessment, etc. At times, some students may be pulled from classes to work on direct interventions. 

Last NameFirst NameEmail AddressJob Title
Teacher - LST Dept. Leader, Gifted Facilitator
Teacher - LST
De Vries Stadelaar 
Teacher – LST, Peer Tutoring 
Teacher - LST
Teacher - LST 
Teacher - LST, Intensive Literacy

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