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Learner Support Team

The Learning Support Team

The LST department supports students with special learning requirements and supports teachers in differentiating instruction and assessment for designated and non-designated students. At Johnston Heights, all students are integrated into academic classes, with learning support will provided through collaboration between classroom and inclusion teachers within the regular classroom. Some pullout intervention may also occur.  In some cases, students will be assigned a medical block in order to meet the need for breaks from regular class time.  These blocks are supervised by vice principals/counsellors by alpha.

Teachers are invited to refer students to the LST program by contacting an inclusion teacher or the student’s counsellor or vice principal (please use the referral form found in the Inclusion Guide or on the shared drive – see below). Any teacher may bring their concerns to school-based-team (SBT) by appointment. Teachers can access student IEPs through the district eiep program.


  • Tutees must attend scheduled tutoring sessions or inform the Tutor if the session has to be cancelled /postponed.
  • The Tutor has the right to discontinue tutoring service to students who repeatedly do not show up for their scheduled sessions or who are disrespectful to the Tutor.
  • If the Tutor requires volunteer hours they must keep track of the day / time of tutoring and a brief description of the work completed. This must be returned to the Coordinator when tutoring is complete.
  • Tutors are responsible for keeping Ms. Renyard aware of their current contact information should it change so the website can remain current.

Common LST Questions

How does a student get support from the LST?

Generally, students are placed in the Learning Support program through a referral system.  If a student continually struggles despite regular attendance and attempts to complete the assigned works, teachers can complete a referral form. This form is sent to Team 3 Chair: Debbie Johnson or Sheila Renyard and is brought to the Team for further discussion and recommendations. You are welcome to attend the meeting so that you can provide details of learning issues.

I have a student who is having difficulty. Can this student have a Resource Room block?  

Students with chronic learning challenges (learning disabled students)  are given priority for placement in the Resource Room. Other students who are having difficulty are assessed and placed according to space. It is important that the integrity of the Resource Room remain high; therefore, the primary focus of the Resource Room is academic support. Although not every LD student has a resource room block, this policy ensures that service is available for those students who really require significant support.

What can I do to help this student in my class?

If it is established that the student requires additional support, he/she may require their work to be adapted. The classroom teacher in consultation with the Case Manager is responsible for making the adaptations. These adaptations may include any of the following: fewer assignments; extended time to complete assignments; use of a computer or spell checker; books on tape; a simpler text; photocopied notes; oral exams, adapted tests and other adaptations at the discretion of teachers.


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