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Fine Arts

The JH Fine Arts Department consists of Visual Art, Drama, Dance, Choir, and Band. We offer a wide variety of visual and performing arts courses for students wishing to develop their skills and confidence, build their portfolios, and participate in concerts, plays, and dance shows . For students interested in pursuing careers in the arts, or for all those wanting to develop lifelong appreciation and practice, there are many opportunities to join our incredibly rich arts community.

Options for courses include:

Drama/Art 8
Drama 9
Drama 10
Senior Acting 11/12
Directing and Scriptwriting 11/12
Theatre Company 10-12
Theatre Production 10-12

Visual Arts 9
Visual Arts 10
Visual Arts 11/12
Photography 11/12

Band 8
Band 9
Band 10
Senior Band 11/12
Junior Jazz Band 9/10
Senior Jazz Band 11/12

Choir 8
Junior Choir 9/10
Senior Choir 11/12
Chamber Choir 11/12

Dance 9
Dance Foundations 10
Dance Foundations 11/12
Dance Choreography 11/12
Dance Company 10-12

Please see course selection booklets for detailed descriptions of all courses offered.


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