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The Mathematics Department works towards and is passionate about developing numerate members of society. Numeracy is not about solving complex mathematical equations; it is being confident enough to use basic math skills in everyday life and applying it to make important decisions.Math%20Quote.png

The department runs several Mathematics Contests that run year long. Contest Dates can be found here See Mr. Vanstone in room 202 to sign up.

The Mathematics Challengers Club is for grades 8, 9 and 10! Competition in February. Open to students who enjoy solving math problems! Day for club TBD

Dept Head
Rm 110
 Dept Head
Rm 202
Math/PE TeacherPortable
ZhangCherylzhang_x2@surreyschools.caAP Cal & AP StatsRm 109
KozakNatashakozak_n@surreyschools.caDept HeadRm 212
MathRm 211
JohalAmritjohal_amrit@surreyschools.caMath TeacherPortable

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