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Business Education

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Welcome to the Department of Business Education at Earl Marriott Secondary. At the heart of all of the courses offered under the Business Education umbrella is an aim towards personal productivity, teamwork, and 'real skills for the real world'. The department includes both Information Technology based courses as well as business based courses like Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Courses Offered:

  • Information Technology 8 (part of Discovery)
  • Information Technology 9
  • Media Design (Graphic Design) 10
  • Media Design (Graphic Design) 11
  • Media Design (Graphic Design) 12
  • Digital Media Development 12
  • Programming 11
  • Programming 12
  • Marketing 11
  • Marketing 12
  • Entrepreneurship 12

Here is a link to work done in Mr. Dawson's Info Tech 9, Digital Media, and Desktop Publishing classes:


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