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Clubs The clubs are listed below. You will find a general description of the club, meeting times and location. There may also be link that provides additional detail regarding the specific club. 

Meeting Times
Clubs List for 2023-2024

Chinese Culture ClubReduce racial stereotypes and discrimination as many of the international students can't speak fluent English.
Sponsor: C. Zhang
Fridays after schoolRoom 109
Computer Science ClubTo allow students to explore computer science, software engineering and prepare them for the Canadian computing competition.
Sponsor: S. Dawson
Mondays at LunchRoom 308
Contemporary Music ClubTo cultivate a community of aspiring young musicians, foster creativity, collaborate and share an appreciation of all kinds of modern music.
Sponsor: J. Rauw
Tuesdays after school 3:00-4:00Room 116
Creative ClubInspire creativity and creative practice.
Sponsor: S. Ganshorn
Fridays at LunchRoom 105
Crochet ClubDevelop the art of yarn creations and show patience.
Sponsor: R. Hare
Tuesdays at LunchRoom 106
EMS Dance TeamTo create opportunities for students to build and refine their dance skills, as well as showcase school spirit at events within the community.
Sponsor: C. Anderson/C. McKinnon
Wednesdays 2:00-3:00 pmNew Gym
Debate ClubTo help improve members' debate skills and allow them to familiarize themselves with the art of composing speeches and public speaking.
Sponsor: M. Musherure
Wednesdays after schoolRoom 309
Drama ClubTo invite grade 8 and 9 students to come learn and practice improv one day/week. Must be willing to join in...not just eat lunch.
Sponsor: C. Radcliffe
Fridays at LunchTheatre
EMS Book Club
Read books and talk about them together.
Sponsor: S. Ganshorn
Thursdays at Lunch
Room 105
EMS Girls Ball Hockey ClubTo provide an environment in which female students can be introduced to and play the sport.Fridays at LunchGym
Earl Marriott Chess FederationChess group that allows others to congregate, discuss and play chess competitively and casually.
Sponsor: J. Lee
Mondays & Fridays at LunchRoom 318
EMS Economics ClubTo foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of economic principles among its members.
Sponsor: C. Trevelyan
Tuesdays after school
Room 205
The Film ClubTo make an interactive space for students who share the same purpose and interest.
Sponsor: L. English
Thursdays at LunchRoom 203
Franco Fun ClubEnjoy our French culture and having fun in French.
Sponsor: S. Ethier
Wednesdays at LunchRoom 108
Grassroots Green ClubPromote sustainability in everyday life - in the school and broader community.
Sponsor: D. McBride
Tuesdays at LunchRoom 107
Grad CouncilTo help organize and plan all the grad events.
Sponsor: S. Canino
Tuesdays at LunchRoom 312
Gym StruckTo promote healthy habits and improve a person's muscle strength, mental health, and overall being.
Sponsor: D. Grgic
Wednesdays at LunchWeight Room
EMS Interact ClubTo raise food for one local & one interactive charity.
Sponsor: C. Trevelyan
TBD - probably Tuesdays at LunchRoom 205
K-Pop ClubProvide a platform for students who are interested in K-Pop and host some K-Pop activities at school.
Sponsor: S. An
TBD - at LunchRoom 119
LEO ClubTo engage students in service projects around the school and wider community, helping students of like interest to meet, form friendships and collaborate for the good of others.
Sponsor: J. Carvajal
Thursdays at LunchRoom 112
MariTimes Newspaper ClubStudent-run newspaper for students.
Sponsor: S. Ganshorn
Tuesdays at LunchRoom 105
Math Challengers Club for grade 8-10 students to prepare for math challengers competition in early Spring.
Sponsor: N. Kozak
Thursdays 2:50-3:45Room 212
Multicultural ClubCelebrate cultural diversity in the school and for students to learn, appreciate, and share their unique traditions, heritage and experiences.
Sponsor: G. Waraich
Every 2nd Wednesday @2:00 pmRoom 209
Philosophy ClubTo provide students a safe space to speak their mind on controversial philosophical topics as well as serving as a ground for students to learn how to let their ideas flow.
Sponsor: M. Musherure
Tuesdays at Lunch &
Wednesday 2:05-3:05
Room 309
Poetry ClubWrite poetry and share poetry to inspire each other.
Sponsor: S. Ganshorn
Wednesdays at LunchRoom 105
Pride ClubTo provide a safe, supportive affinity space for LGBTQ2S+ students & allies in which they can build community and raise awareness of LGBTQ related issues.
Sponsor: L. Perl
Once a week at Lunch - day TBD
Room 320
Science ClubProvide students the opportunity to explore their interests in science by creating their own projects, possibly completing labs, and having interesting scientific discussions.
Sponsor: P. Oamen/L. Weiss
Wednesdays at LunchRoom 213/217
Shining StarsTo share the love, happiness and kindness found in Christ. Helping students grow in their Christian walk. Everyone from different cultures/backgrounds are welcome!
Sponsor: D. Grgic
Mondays at LunchRoom 216
EMS Society of ScienceStimulate scientific activity by preparing for the South Fraser Regional Science Fair.
Sponsor: J. Lewis
Thursdays at LunchRoom 314
Student CouncilStudent Leadership & to plan school events.
Sponsors: B. Krembenios, A. Ewacha & C. McKinnon
Wednesdays at LunchRoom 111
Technical Theatre ClubTo generate curiosity, interest and involvement in Technical Theatre.
Sponsor: C. Radcliffe
Thursdays at LunchTheatre
Tristan Heritage SocietyThe purpose of the T.H.S. is not only to preserve antiques but to inform others about history, restoration and other things members want to discuss.
Sponsor: L. English
Tuesdays at LunchRoom 203
United People's ClubTo welcome and unite any and all  EMS students and discuss issues of discrimination within the school to create a more welcoming and kind student body.
Sponsor: M. Musherure
Fridays at LunchRoom 309
Video Game Development (VGD)V.G.D. is for students to learn game development with each other.
Sponsor: S. Dawson
Thursdays at LunchRoom 307 & 308
Weird Shirt WednesdayTo wear a "weird" shirt every Wednesday and meet at lunch for a quick group photo
Sponsor: T. Yamamoto
Wednesdays at LunchRoom 120


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