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French Immersion

French Immersion is an intensive second language acquisition program. Students study in French while following the regular B.C. Curriculum Prescribed Learning Outcomes. French Immersion is available to all students. Students of all linguistic backgrounds are welcome. Parents need not speak English or French to enroll their children in French Immersion. Surrey French Immersion programs are provided in schools which also offer the regular English program.

The French Immersion program gives students an opportunity to experience a whole new world. With the age of information, communication technology and travel upon us, knowing another language will assist students in having more career doors open to them as they become adults in the community.


Last NameFirst NameEmail AddressJob Title
Sciences Humaines, FRIM CLC
Sciences, Mathématiques
Français langue, Sciences humaines
Sciences Humaines, Sciences
Sciences, Commercialisation et Promotion
Français langue, Department head
Français langue, Sciences Humaines

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