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Entrance Requirements

Academic requirements 

  • Requirement 1: English – ONE of the following options:
    1. English 12 in North America (67% or higher) (provide your transcript)
    2. Communication 12 in North America (86% or higher) (provide your transcript) 
    3. College/University English course where instruction is in English (55% or higher) (provide your transcript, may need to be evaluated) 
    4. Duolingo English test (115 or higher) - Available online, $50, free practice test, results in 2 days
    5. IELTS Academic (not general option) with an overall score of 6.5 or higher 

  • Requirement 2: Canadian High School Graduation – OR EQUIVELANT (see options below):
    1. A 4 year Bachelors Degree (worldwide) where instruction was in English (provide your certificate)
    2. International Secondary (High School) education evaluated here (basic option)

More Questions on Entrance Requirements?

Application Documents 

  • Application Form
  • Police Information Check with vulnerable sector screening (no older than 6m by the start of the program)
  • Photo ID 
  • 2-character reference forms (located on the How to Apply webpage)
  • Handwritten letter of introduction 
  • Preference given to those who have experience working with children

The Police Information Check can be obtained by going in person to your local police station, please ensure you ask for vulnerable sector screening. Your police check needs to be within 6 months of the start of the program, if you are starting your program in September, please do not obtain the police check before March of the previous year. If you are starting your program In February please do not get your police check prior to September of the previous year.

Example:         Your program starts September 2024
You can get your police check no earlier than March 2024

                        Your program starts in February 2025
You can get your police check no earlier than September 2024

The application form, reference forms and more information about each requirement can be found in our application package on the how to Apply page

Frequently Asked Questions about Admissions 

Do I need to take the Duolingo test if I have a bachelors degree or if I was raised in Canada and am fluent in English?

Yes, everyone needs to do the Duolingo test and score 115 or higher to be accepted to the program if you do not have one of the other English options.

Is there an age limit/restriction to apply?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old at the start of class. 

Are there any work or volunteer experience requirements?

No. In your letter of introduction you can use any example of experience you have with youth and children it does not need to be work or volunteer based experience. We are looking for insight into who you are and how you engage with people, specifically young and vulnerable people.

Can I take your program if I am here from another country?

As long as you are in Canada legally you may apply and take the program.  A landed immigrant card, or permanent resident card.  You should speak with your visa representative about your own personal conditions of stay in Canada. 

Where do I get the Police Information Check?

Please take our checklist or entrance requirements shown above to your local Police Department and ask them for a Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Screening. Surrey residents can visit this website for more information on the Police Information Check. Your police check needs to be no older than 6 months by the time you start your program, therefore please do not do this portion of your application prior to October for the February class, or prior to March for the September class. 

Who can do my character reference forms?

You can ask a current or previous employer, teacher or member of the community that is not a friend or family member. If you are new to Canada you can use a reference from your home Country.

What should I write in my letter of introduction?

Use this opportunity to tell us about who you are, your experience and knowledge around working with kids, let your personality show through and highlight why you feel this career would be suitable for you.

When should I apply?

Registration for the September cohort opens in March. You can register for the February class as early as October of the prior year. It is important to note that your police check cannot be completed no earlier than 6 months before the program start, this is why the admissions opens in March and October. In other words, do not do your police check until these months or it will be out of date by the time you start your class and you will be required to complete a new one.

I am planning a vacation, are there any breaks in the program?

We close the school for Winter break (2 weeks around the end of the year) and in the spring cohort, we close for one week in March usually the second last week of March. 


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