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More Questions on Requirements?

Our entrance requirements have 2 educational requirements, the first is an English course, the second is proof of an education level.

Of the listed English options that we accept, you only need 1. An English course means the course needs to be English 12, Communications 12, or first to fourth year English courses from a recognized College or University, such as English 1001 where the number code indicates that it is first year level minimum and not a pre-entry upgrade, and the course subject is English (not instruction in English). The English requirement requires that you prove a certain grade percentage, which means you would need to provide the transcript. The minimum grades are listed on the entrance requirement page. If you are submitting your English course from another country, where the primary language is not English, it will need to be evaluated (the course needs to be evaluated individually, not the whole transcript). 

If you do not have an English 12 or college/university level English course with the minimum grade required, you may choose to take the Duolingo English Test, which you can do online. There is a free practice test so you can gauge your proficiency. The total cost is $50, which makes this option cheaper and more convenient than the IELTS test. We only accept the options listed. 

The second requirement is proof of a certain education level, of the listed options you only need to provide 1. You need to have graduated Canadian high school to gain entry into our program, however many of our students have come form another country and have diverse educational backgrounds. If you have a Bachelors degree, from a College or University from anywhere in the world, you may submit the certificate and use this in place of a Canadian high school dogwood and it does not need to be evaluated. We require the certificate that shows that you completed the bachelors degree, not the transcript. Please take note that a Diploma, Certificate or anything less than a Bachelors degree is not accepted in place of a high school dogwood. No other credentials or certifications may be combined to gain admissions, for example, having previously complete an ECE program or any other program less than a bachelors degree will not be able to stand in place of the Canadian high school completion. If you have completed high school in your home country you will need to have it evaluated as a whole. You can see the link to evaluate your education level on the entrance requirements page, or notes below. 

  • Requirement 1: English – ONE of the following options:
    1. English 12 in North America (67% or higher) (provide your transcript)
    2. Communication 12 in North America (86% or higher) (provide your transcript) 
    3. College/University English course where instruction is in English (55% or higher) (provide your transcript, may need to be evaluated) 
    4. Duolingo English test (115 or higher) - Available online, $50, free practice test, results in 2 days
    5. IELTS Academic (not general option) with an overall score of 6.5 or higher 

  • Requirement 2: Canadian High School Graduation – OR EQUIVELANT (see options below):
    1. A 4 year Bachelors Degree (worldwide) where instruction was in English (provide your certificate)
    2. International Secondary (High School) education evaluated here (select basic option)

Please be reminded that if you have a degree in English, or where instruction was in English you still need to provide proof of one of the accepted English requirements noted above as these are separate requirements. You will need to show a minimum grade in an English course where the subject is English and not just the instruction is in English. Having a degree in any subject does not exempt you from needing the English requirement. 

In total you will have to provide two credentials to meet our requirements, 1 as proof of English grade, and 1 for the proof of education level. 

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