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Policies & Procedures

Admission Policy

Surrey Community College is committed to enrolling students who meet all of our program admission criteria and who are likely to succeed in meeting their education and career goals.


• All inquiries are referred to the college office staff.

• Prospective students are given a student information package, or they find it online. Office staff will review the admission criteria for the program with the student as requested

• Prospective students will read the SCC Policies provided in the application package and/ or view online.

• The student will submit required documentation for admission into the program

• After receiving evidence that the prospective student meets all of the admission criteria, the prospective student will pay a $90.00 non-refundable application fee.

• If the student is accepted, the office staff will prepare an acceptance letter. The acceptance letter along with a copy of the signed Student Enrolment Contract/Application Form is emailed to the student.

• If the student is not accepted, the office staff will prepare such letter and email it to the applicant.

• Feedback is not provided due to privacy.

• It is the responsibility of the student to supply the Surrey Community College office with notice of change of contact information such as: address, phone number, email, etc. The information is required for sending out student documents.

• Students who do not complete the program in the scheduled time period need to inform the College as to the reason and can request an extension. The extension request will be reviewed and may not be granted. Extensions will only be considered if space permits and at the student’s own cost, and to a maximum of one year to complete. For example, if a program is scheduled in end in June, they can return to finish by the next June at the latest.

Program Admission Requirements

Surrey Community College will consider applications from any eligible candidates; however, admission to specific programs or courses may be restricted by space limitations or pre-requisite requirements.

Attendance Policy

• It is expected that students will attend all classes. If a student is unable to attend class, it is required that they contact their instructor before class begins.

• Missing class work due to absences could result in missed work / academic penalty. The result could be class failure.

• Absenteeism for longer than 20% of the class without informing the school and/or instructor and provision of a doctor's note may result in dismissal.

Withdrawal Policy

Students, who, after registering, may find it necessary to withdraw from individual courses, or withdraw completely from the College, may do so according to the following procedures:


If a registered student misses their first class and does not notify their instructor within forty-eight hours following the first class, their seat in that course may be given to another student.

For regular term length courses:

a. Students must submit their request to withdraw in writing to the office

b. For students to obtain financial refunds, they must withdraw according to the timeline of the refund policy.

c. To avoid academic penalty, students must withdraw prior to 75% of the course completion, otherwise they will receive a failing grade on their transcript.

Unless otherwise instructed, students are expected to attend all meetings of courses in which they are enrolled, and excessive absence may be considered sufficient cause for dismissal from a course.

*Withdrawal from the program may result in a forfeiting of the tuition fees paid. Prior to withdrawing, please consult with the Surrey Community College Office.

Dismissal Policy

Surrey Community College expects students to meet and adhere to a code of conduct while completing a program of study. The list below outlines the code of conduct that all students are expected to follow. This list is not exhaustive, and students should request clarification from the principal if they have any questions.

"Student" is defined as including prospective students as well as those currently registered or enrolled in any Surrey Community College program or activity.

The Code of Conduct Students are expected to follow include:

• Attend classes in accordance with the Surrey College Attendance Policy

• Treat all students and staff with respect

• Refrain from any disruptive or offensive behaviour towards school staff, students, class peers

• Dress according to the school's dress code as outlined in the Student Handbook

• Refrain from cheating or plagiarism in completing class assignments

• Treat school property with respect

• Refrain from bringing weapons of any kind (i.e. Knives, guns) to school

• Complete all assignments and examinations on the scheduled completion dates

• Refrain from bringing any alcohol or any prohibited mood-altering substances to any school district site.

• Refrain from making inappropriate remarks concerning another student or staff's ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

• Refrain from any other conduct which is determined to be detrimental or damaging to the other students, staff members or Surrey Community College

• Bullying and/ or harassment will not be tolerated.

• Words, gestures, actions or practical jokes, the nature consequence of which is to humiliate, ridicule insult or degrade

• Threats and/ or intimidation

• Cyber bullying

• Persistent rudeness, taunting, malicious gossip, patronizing behavior, vandalizing belongings, or other conduct which adversely affects learning conditions or student performance.

Any of the following, if substantiated, will result in immediate dismissal without a warning letter or probationary period and will be reported to law enforcement as per provincial Laws and school district policy:

• Sexual harassment and/ or assault

• Physical assault or other violent acts committed on or off campus against any student

• Verbal abuse or threats

• Vandalism of school property

• Theft

Students who do not meet the expected code of conduct will be subject to the procedures outlined below which may include immediate dismissal from Surrey Community College depending on the severity of the misconduct.

Concerns relating to a student's conduct shall be referred to the principal to process in accordance with this Policy.


• All concerns relating to student misconduct shall be directed to the Principal. Concerns may be brought by staff, students, or the public.

• The principal will arrange to meet with the student to discuss the concern. If the alleged conduct is of such a serious nature that an immediate dismissal may be warranted, the principal will meet with the student as soon as possible

• Following the meeting with the student, the Principal will conduct whatever further enquiry or investigation is necessary to determine whether the concerns are substantiated

• The principal will meet with the student and do one of the following:

a) Determine that the concern(s) were not substantiated

b) Determine that the concern(s) were substantiated, in whole, or in part, and either:

c) Give the student a warning setting out the consequences of further misconduct

d) Set a probationary period with appropriate conditions; or

e) Recommend that the student be dismissed from Surrey Community College.

f) The Principal will prepare a written summary of the determination. A copy shall be given to the student, and the original will be placed in the student file.

• If the student is issued a warning or placed on probation, the principal and the student both sign the written warning or probationary conditions, and the student is given a copy. The original document is placed in the student's file

• If the recommendation is to dismiss the student, the Principal will meet with the student to dismiss him/her from study at the school. The Principal will deliver to the student a letter of dismissal and a calculation of the refund due or tuition owing, depending on the status of the student's financial account with the school

• In most cases, students who are dismissed are not eligible for a refund

• If a refund is due to the student, the Principal of the school will ensure this is processed appropriately

• If the student owes tuition or other fees to the school, the Principal of the school will undertake the collection of the amount owing

Dispute Resolution Policy

Surrey Community College recognizes the rights of individuals or groups to present requests and / or complaints, through appropriate channels, concerning Surrey Community College's operation or College policies.

Surrey Community College's goal is to ensure that such requests and / or complaints are dealt with in an expeditious, fair, and thorough manner.


Individuals should always try to resolve issues informally. If a more formal approach becomes necessary; Surrey Community College provides a fair and reasonable mechanism for resolution.


• First try to resolve the issue directly with the other party.

• If you are not satisfied, put your complaint in writing to the site principal. He/she/they will request submissions from all involved parties, including witnesses; investigate, and set up a meeting. The principal will provide a written decision to all parties upon completion of investigation

Grade Appeal Policy

• Students will first attempt to achieve resolution directly with the instructor of the course

• If that process does not result in satisfactory resolution, the student can submit a written appeal letter to the principal. The principal must receive this appeal within two weeks of the time that the grade was received from the instructor. The student will state their position, the change they wish to see, and the reasons for the desired change

• The principal will review the appeal and either grant or deny it

• If the appeal is denied, the student can make a written request to the Appeals Committee (administrator and instructor) who will meet to consider the appeal

• If the student does not agree with the decision of the Appeals Committee, they can take the final step in the Appeals process to the Director of Instruction for the college via a written request.

Privacy Policy

Surrey Community College collects students’ personal information for the following reasons:

• To maintain student records

• To issue T220As in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency.

For all full career-training programs:

Surrey Community College retains the full student file onsite for one year following the student’s withdrawal, dismissal, or graduation. The file is stored electronically.

Procedures for maintaining student files:

• Student personal information is collected throughout the student’s attendance at Surrey Community College. All required information regarding the student is placed in the student file

• Student files containing personal information are safely stored in locking file cabinets and access to the student files is limited to the appropriate administrative staff

• When a student leaves the school either by withdrawal, dismissal, or graduation, a transcript is prepared showing the marks achieved in the courses. If the student has completed all courses within the program of study, a program credential is also prepared. These documents are placed in the student file

• When a student leaves Surrey Community College, their file is stored for one year after

• After one year, the diploma and transcript will be kept electronically

Procedures for student access to the information on file:

• Students wishing to access the information in the student file must make the request in writing

• The principal will meet with the student to review the file and will provide copies of any document the student requests

• The student will pay the going photocopying fee for the documents copied for them

• If a student wishes to authorize a third party to access information in their student file, they must do so in writing

• The school will not release information to any person other than people authorized by the student to access information unless required to do so by legislation, a subpoena, court order, or if release of information is necessary as part of an ongoing police investigation

Work Experience Policy


Many programs at Surrey Community College include a practical “in the field” requirement.

• Only students who have successfully completed the on-site theory portion of a specific program of study go on practical work

• All practicums must be completed in facilities approved by Surrey Community College

• The Practicum Supervisor completes a Health & Safety check on all new placement sites

• Surrey Community College ensures that the work experience placements provide an opportunity for its students to enhance the skills learned throughout completion of a program of study

• The student must complete a Police Info Check at least one week in advance of the practicum if the student will be working with or observing children

• A complete work site agreement must be submitted to the Surrey Community College office prior to a student participating in the practicum/clinical placement

Students, Employers and Practicum Supervisors will work in agreement with the policies and procedures as stated below:

• Students are expected to attend regularly and to be on time for their assignment. If absent due to illness, they must contact their work supervisor and their Surrey Community College Practicum Supervisor

• Students represent Surrey Community College at their placement sites and are therefore expected to perform their assigned duties in an appropriate and professional manner

• Students are to meet regularly with their work and Practicum Supervisor to assess their progress and to address concerns

• Students work along side their mentors and are not to be left on their own


• Practicum Supervisors will follow procedures as outlined in the "Policy Handbook for Practicum Supervisors".

• Practicum Students will follow procedures as outlined in the "Policy Handbook". These may be amended as per program requirements.

• Host Employers are given the "Policy Handbook" for their use. Adjustments can be made as appropriate to program and host employers' requirements.

• Work experience placements are sought through networking and direct contact by school staff.

• When a possible work experience training site is identified, the practicum supervisor contacts the proposed site to assess the commitment of the training place host to enhancing student learning. They explain the school's expectations with respect to joining evaluation of student performance.

• If the training place host is approved to accept work experience students, the host's name and contact information are entered on the school's roster of work experience placement sites.

• When a student is ready for work experience placement, the practicum supervisor contacts the training place host to discuss a possible placement and training plan and arranges an interview for the student.

• Practicum start dates may be altered due to host availability and the determination of the right fit for the student.

Student Evaluation/Graduation Policy

Student Evaluation:

• The Course Outline will show the breakdown of marks for each course

• Any assignment counted towards a final grade must be marked by the Instructor

• Any publicly posted grades must be posted by student number - not student name - to maintain student confidentiality

• Instructors are encouraged to provide students with ongoing feedback on their progress throughout the term

Final Examinations:

• Instructors must remain in the classroom for the duration of the examination period. If an instructor needs to leave the classroom, they must phone the office for a substitute prior to leaving.

• Instructors must provide appropriate classroom conditions for students. I.e., doors closed (quiet), appropriate temperature, private seating arrangements, etc.

• Students must come prepared with proper tools.

• phones and other electronic devices need to be turned off in the exam room.

• Students are not to leave their desk/chair without permission from the instructor.

• Students are to respect others in the exam room, i.e., no talking.

• All students' books, bags, etc., must be left in a safe designated area during the exam (i.e. against the back or front wall).

• When a student has completed their exam, they will hand in their exam paper to the proctor, take their belongings and exit the room.

Re-write Policy

• Instructors in consultation with Department Heads/Principal will determine whether "Re-write" exams will be permitted for the Final Exam

• The minimum Fee for re-write is $40/test. This covers both the instructor time to make the test and the Instructor time to administer and mark the test. This fee is dependent on the length of the exam

• All re-writes to be scheduled by program Instructor outside of program hours and with 2 weeks of original test

• Fees to sit the re-write must be paid by the student to the Surrey Community College office prior to the exam. Receipt must be shown to sit the re-write exam

• Failure to sit the scheduled exam for any reason will result in the student forfeiting the fees. Rescheduling of forfeited re-writes is at the sole discretion of the Instructor and the Surrey Community College Principal and would require the student to pay for a rescheduled exam. Fees for a rescheduled exam are the same as for a re-write

• Maximum allowable score for a rewritten exam is 80%. Score of less than 80% will stand as the new test score. A minimum score of 70% must be achieved

• Fees to sit a re-write are subject to change without notice

• A Final Exam can only be re-written once

General Information:

• A minimum of 70% of the coursework must be completed at Surrey Community College in order to receive a Surrey Community College Certificate or Diploma

• Successful credit granted will be noted on the student's transcript

Mark Distribution

A 91% - 100% B 81% - 90% C+ 76% - 80% Pass 70% - 75% Incomplete 50% - 69% Fail 0 - 49%

• An interim "I" letter grade is given if a Surrey Community College student is at risk of failing a course, i.e. less than 70%

• An "I" letter grade must be given prior to giving a student a failing letter grade, i.e. midterm or anytime during the course

• The Instructor / Principal will supply the student with an anecdotal report indicating what is needed for successful completion of the course. This anecdotal report will contain appropriate assignments and tests with completion dates.

Repeating Course

• The cost for repeating a course will be the current tuition rate.

• Students who do not attend a course/practicum will receive a Fail and will need to repeat the course at the current tuition rate if space permits.

Transcripts & Certificates/Diplomas

• All official marks, transcripts, certificates, or diplomas are only to be issued by the Surrey Community College office

• Transcripts are mailed to students approximately two weeks after the completion of a term of study

• Marks will not be communicated to anyone via the telephone or email

• Duplicate copies of Transcripts can be purchased at the Surrey Community College office

Tuition Refund Policy

Surrey Community College has the right to retain the non-refundable application fee should you fail to start the program on the pre-arranged date.

A student may be entitled to a refund of tuition fees if:

• The student provides written notice to the institution that they are withdrawing from the program; or

• The institution provides written notice to the student advising that the student has been dismissed from the program.

The written notice of withdrawal or dismissal may be delivered in any manner provided that a receipt or other verification is available that indicates the date on which the notice is delivered.

The notice of withdrawal or dismissal is deemed to be effective from the date it is delivered.

The refund to which a student is entitled is calculated on the total tuition fees due under the contract. Where total tuition fees have not yet been collected, the institution is not responsible for refunding more than has been collected to date and a student may be required to make up for monies due under the contract.

If the institution has received fees in excess of the amount it is entitled to under the student contract, the excess amount must be refunded.

Refunds before the program of study starts:

a) If written notice of withdrawal is received by Surrey Community College within 7 days after the contract is made, and before the commencement of the period of instruction specified in the contract, the institution may retain 5% of the total tuition and fees due under the contract to a maximum of $250.

b) If written notice of withdrawal is received by Surrey Community College 30 days or more before the commencement of the period of instruction specified in the contract and more than 7 days after the contract was made, the institution may retain 10% of total tuition only due under the contract to a maximum of $1000.

c) Subject to section (a), if written notice of withdrawal is received by Surrey Community College less than 30 days before the commencement of the period of instruction specified in the contract, and more than 7 days after the contract was made, the institution may retain 20% of the total tuition only, due under the contract to a maximum of $1300.

Refunds after the program of study starts:

a) If written notice of withdrawal is received by Surrey Community College, or a student is dismissed within 10% of the program of study’s duration, the institution may retain 30% of the total fees due under the contract.

b) Subject to subsection (a), if written notice of withdrawal is received by Surrey Community College, or a student is dismissed within 30% of the programs of study’s duration the institution may retain 50% of the total fees due under the contract.

c) If a student withdraws or is dismissed after 30% of the program of study’s duration, no refund is given.

Other Refund Policy Requirements

a) Where a student is deemed not to have met the institutional and/or program specific minimum requirements for admission, the institution must refund all fees paid under the contract, less the applicable non-refundable application or registration fee.

b) Where an institution provides technical equipment to a student, without cost to the student, and the student withdraws or is dismissed, the institution may charge the student for the equipment or use of the equipment on a cost recovery basis, unless the student returns the equipment unopened or as issued within fourteen (14) calendar days.

Refunds owing to students must be paid within thirty (30) calendar days of the institution receiving written notification of withdrawal and all required supporting documentation, or within thirty (30) calendar days of an institution’s written notice of dismissal.

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