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Foundations of Inclusive Education, Diversity, Equity (EA 1035)

Foundations of Inclusive Education, Diversity, Equity (EA 1035)


Length of Course: 30 hours


Course Description:

Students will examine the philosophical, historical, and organizational aspects of inclusive education, diversity, and Equity. They will examine the aims of an education that is to be inclusive, diverse, and equitable, as well as the use of evidence-based practices in education. Students will explore topics relevant to the education of a diverse student population, such as asset-based language, student diversity and disability awareness.


Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Describe the BC Education System
  • Describe the evolution of special education
  • Understand that inclusive practices and student diversity and equity are embedded in BC schools
  • Identify issues related to the use of categorical language, and be able to identify the difference between segregated, integrated, and inclusive student support models
  • Relate the framework, as outlined in the EA Allocation Planning Tool for Principals, to inclusive education
  • Describe the characteristics of inclusive education and evidence-based practices
  • Recognize the importance of meaningful open consultation and collaboration with the school team in the development of planning for student success
  • Develop disability awareness and associated resources
  • Reflect on their own beliefs and biases regarding diversity and how these may impact their work

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