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Health and Personal Care (EA 1045)

Health and Personal Care (EA 1045)


Length of Course: 20 hours


Course Description:

Students will examine the common health issues in school age children, as well as the personal care and health challenges faced by some students. Students will explore ways to support personal care needs based on principles of ethics of care to maintain each student’s dignity. Students will also explore topics related to their own personal health and safety.


Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Explain body mechanics, as well as the principles of lifting, back safety, and injury prevention
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the following terms in the care and transfer of a student: ambulation, repositioning, immobility, mobility aid, MSI injuries (Musculoskeletal), body alignment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of wellness and self-care
  • Demonstrate awareness of ethics of touch and the importance of respectful relationships when providing personal care
  • Explain the importance of adhering to professional boundaries when providing personal care support
  • Understand the role and responsibility of EAs in providing personal health and care procedures
  • Demonstrate an understanding of an Employee Safety Plan
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of seizure management, diabetes management, and anaphylaxis

Demonstrate awareness of the principles of the Low Arousal Approach

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