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Learner Support Team

Welcome to the Learner Support Team Page!

At Princess Margaret Secondary School, the LST (Learner Support Team) works with students, families, staff, and all service providers to create a calm, welcoming environment with opportunities for growth and learning for all students. 

It is our firm belief that all students have a tremendous ability to learn and grow during their years at Princess Margaret. We assess needs, design a plan, provide support, and fade away until independence is achieved. Perhaps the most important goal of any effective special education program is to build independence and self-confidence amongst its students. In this way, students can be successful at whichever path they choose after high school. 

We focus on helping students with learning disabilities, chronic health needs, high social/emotional needs, and/or academic support.  An emphasis is placed on developing organizational skills, study skills, reading comprehension, mental math, and self-regulation strategies.  We work with students and teachers in their classrooms.  We also have a space for working with students in a tutorial capacity. The Learner Support Room includes quiet places for students to write exams or to decompress. 


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