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School Supply List

Students will need to provide their own basic supplies and equipment for their own personal use at school.  Below are some general recommended school supplies your student may wish to have on their journey through high school.  There may be some classes where teachers require additional or specific items but they will advise the students of anything they may need on the first day of class.

• 4 Binders or notebooks 
• Pens 
• Pencils 
• Eraser 
• Ruler (cm) 
• Calculator (basic scientific) 
• Lined Paper 
• Gym Strip • shorts/sweatpants, shirt, deodorant, non-marking • shoes, extra lock for gym locker 
• Pencil Crayons 
• Flash Drive 
• Glue Stick 
• Pencil Case 
• Dividers 
• Highlighters

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