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The concept of languaging is based on Vygotsky’s claim that language is one of the mostLanguages.jpg important mediating tools of the mind. Languaging completes our thoughts/cognition/ideas and transforms them into artifacts that allow for further contemplation, which, in turn, transforms thought. While we speak or write, we achieve new or deeper understandings of complex phenomena.
The language program aims to enable students to communicate in the target language and develop an openness to cultural diversity. Students will explore various aspects of French, Punjabi, and Spanish culture through specific themes related to childhood,relationships,food,music,travel,advertising,videos,discussions, stories and many more real life situations.

Mrs. Chhina- Language Department Head 

Amandeep Kaur Chhina, a passionate educator with a rich background, is a Ministry curriculum writer and served as a BCATML executive representative for Punjabi for 6 years. Born in India, she earned her bachelor’s degree in science, master’s in Punjabi, and master’s in education. Amandeep, envisioning herself as a tree with roots in India and flourishing her branches in Canada, currently teaches at Princess Margaret Secondary. Her teaching journey from last two decades in Canada is marked by leadership roles in mentorship programs, organizing speech and film festivals, conducting inquiry projects, and presenting workshops. As the Modern Languages Department head, Amandeep fosters community building and maintains strong relationships within the school community. As a lifelong learner, she cherishes her cultural roots and heritage, actively celebrating traditions that bring the school community together.

Ms. Emamverdi

Hi. I’m Madame Emamverdi and I teach French as a second language. I was born in Tehran, Iran, and I’m holding a degree in French language and literature from University of Tehran. I did the professional development program (PDP) at Simon Fraser university. I started working at Surrey school district on 2008, and I have been teaching at Princess Margaret since 2010. I always try to keep myself updated and my students motivated. My teaching style is based on Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR).  

Ms. Lang

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Madame Heather Lang! I like to joke that I’m Madame LANG, ‘LANG’ for languages as I teach both French and Spanish.  I have taught languages at both elementary and secondary levels; this year marks my 20th year of teaching in the Surrey School District. My family is neither French nor Spanish; I learned languages in a classroom, then by travelling and applying my skills.  I completed my degree in Spanish in 1997 and my Post Bacaullareate in French in 2002, both from Simon Fraser University.  Speaking French and Spanish has allowed me to travel the world and make meaningful connections with people I never would have met, had I not learned a second language. Studying languages is a passion of mine and I hope to learn Punjabi as my next challenge!

Mr. Lam / M. (Monsieur) Justin

I graduated with a B.A. in French and Asian Studies from UBC, where I developed a particular research interest in French phonetics, historical linguistics, and lexical borrowings from colonialism. I furthered my studies at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris III), delving into Sanskrit, Indo-Aryan linguistics, and Francophone South Asian studies. In 2021, I completed my B.Ed. at UBC, specializing in Secondary French and International Baccalaureate (Middle Years). Since 2021, I have taught French, Spanish and Career Education at Princess Margaret. Notably, in 2023, I had the pleasure of teaching the first French 12 class here in nearly 20 years. My teaching style emphasizes authentic source materials and an interdisciplinary focus on social issues. I encourage students to debate, think critically and research contemporary global issues while honing their French/Spanish-language skills.

Ms. Carranza

Hi, I'm Ana Carranza, originally from Peru, but loving life in Canada since 2015. I'm a Spanish teacher, and what I really enjoy about teaching is helping people discover the beauty of the Spanish language and culture. Learning Spanish isn't just fun; it's incredibly useful in today's globalized world. Let's explore, discover, and have a blast along the way! 


Last NameFirst NameEmail AddressJob Title
Department Head & Punjabi Teacher 
CarranzaAnacarranza_a@surreyschools.caSpanish Teacher
French Teacher
Spanish / French Teacher 
LangHeatherlang_h@surreyschools.caFrench Teacher

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