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Student Fees


School Cash Online is open now for students to pay their fees. 

Parents and students are advised of the following general fees and workbook pricing for the 2023/2024 school year.  The school will provide the essential materials and resources necessary for students to meet the learning outcomes for each course.  Students will need to continue to provide their own basic supplies and equipment for their own personal use such as paper, writing tools, calculators, notebooks, gym attire and musical instruments.  Workbooks may be provided to students on loan or they may be purchased outright.

Some courses such as textiles and woodwork provide students with the option of using different or better quality materials which they may bring from home or purchase from the school at cost.  Some courses offer optional certifications or external examinations for which there are charges.  If you wish to discuss the implications that these charges may have on your son or daughter, please contact your child’s Vice-Principal @ 604-588-6934.

All fees can be paid on School Cash Online 

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