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French Immersion


French Immersion is an intensive second language acquisition program where students take several of their academic subjects in French. Students who complete the program in grade 12 receive a Double Dogwood in French and English.  

The program begins in elementary school with two entries: kindergarten or grade 6. At Kwantlen Park, students in grades 8-10 take Français Langue (FRAL), Sciences humaines (Social Studies), Sciences and Éducation physique (P.E.) in French. At the senior level, students complete Français Langue (FRAL) in grades 11 and 12, and Histoire 12 (World History 12). All other courses are completed in English. 

The goal of the French Immersion program is to develop fluency and to expose students to Francophone language and culture so that students confidently use their language skills after high school, whether to assist them in their chosen career or while traveling. 

With this goal in mind, students are required to speak French while in class. The program also offers special cultural experiences so that students are exposed to Francophone language, cuisine, and culture. These experiences give students the opportunity to practice their French outside of the classroom. 

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