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The language program aims to enable students to communicate in the target language, create a living language and develop openness to cultural diversity.  Fraser Heights offers the following language courses: French 8-12, Enhanced French 8-9, Spanish 9-12, Beginner Japanese 11 and Japanese 11.

In our language courses, we aim to create a fun environment while preparing students for real life situations.  For example, the French and Spanish classes created market places in the classroom where the students practiced buying, selling and bartering in their target languages.  Other activities include creating their own French websites, food trucks, and restaurants.  Another example is the Spanish class that studied the environment and then went to Grouse Mountain on a field trip.  The aim is creating real life situations that enable our learners to deepen their practical knowledge while having fun.

In French 12, we offer an excellent opportunity to the students.  They are given the option to take the DELF exam, which is an internationally recognized language exam.  The certificate comes directly from France and opens many doors worldwide.


Last NameFirst NameEmail AddressJob Title
HuskinsMs.huskins_k@surreyschools.caLanguages Dept. Head
ThibaultMs.thibault_a@surreyschools.caLanguages Dept. Head

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