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The 2022-2023 clubs are listed below. You will find a general description of the club, meeting times and location. There may also be link that provides additional detail regarding the specific club. 


TitleMeeting TimesDescription
Staff Sponsor(s)  
Anime ClubWednesday 3:00-4:30 in Room 204The purpose of the FHSS Anime Club is to promote school community using Japanese pop culture as a common interest. Mr. Ho
Art ClubWednesday lunch room 125Statement of Purpose:  
 1. To encourage and support student’s artistic expression. 
 2. To foster a community of artists in the school.  
 3. To promote art cub members artwork through shows, competitions and other events. 
Mr. Dyment
BC Children's Hospital ClubWednesdays at Lunch in D104Through fundraisers, volunteering and in conjunction with the BCCH foundation, we provide opportunities for students to gain awareness and get involved to help support BCCH and all they do for children in BC.Ms. Gonsales
Bee ClubLunch BASES RoomTo learn about & care for Bees. To help peek interest in caring for the environment, future careers and hobbies. Mr. Pielak
Best BuddiesLunch BASES Room To encourage and provide a venue for Friendship, integration and social interaction between BASES students and the typical student population.Mr. Pielak
Business ClubBiweekly, Thursdays at lunch in room D202.The Fraser Heights Business Club is one that focuses on bringing like-minded students together to discuss everything related to business. The club will be running alongside the Investment Club where biweekly meetings will be hosted so that on any given week, there will either be a Business Club meeting or Investment Club meeting. Ms. Tran
Calls For Action ClubRoom 218, lunch timeTo inform the larger community of events and actions made towards reconciliation. To support our schools' indigenous community through events, fundraising and exposure.Ms. Muir
Coding ClubTuesdays LunchtimeTo teach students how to code, organize challenge questions, and give information about contests, university applications, etc.Mr. Hasan
Cultural Diversity & Equity ClubEvery other Wednesday D201 To celebrate the cultural diversity that exists in Fraser heights and the larger community, such as cultural days like Lunar New Year, Dia de los Murtos, Diwali, Vasaikhi, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, among others. Ms. Kambo
Dance ClubNLC or choir room on Thursdays at lunchThe goal of Dance Club is to provide lessons for students in a friendly environment. We also rehearse and perform dance routines for the FH community.Ms. Rakkar
DebateTuesdays after school room 213We are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to fostering an inclusive atmosphere, where everyone feels safe expressing their views. We hope to teach students how to debate, critically think and publicly speak well.Ms. Rakkar
Duke of EdinburghTuesdays after school in the libraryStudents who would otherwise be completing the program requirements virtually will have a support system and peers to work with. Ms. Murray
Dungeons and DragonsThursday at lunch Portable 6DnD focuses on skill building, community, and bringing students of all ages together to work towards a single goal. DnD uses all of the Core Competencies: Critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and personal/social responsibility in each and every session. Ms. Balikis
 Ms. Wood
Endangered Species Club Mondays - 3:00 - 4:00 Our club will give students a sense of accomplishment by working to make the world a better place in terms of the animals or the environment. As well as this, we will try our best to make our club and work as fun as possible.Mr. Bedard
Environment Club Room 203 Thursday at LunchEnvironmental Club is a group of concerned students/volunteers that are committed to raising awareness about environmental issues and to reducing environmental impact as individuals, a school community, and as citizens of the world.Ms. Sereda
E-Sports ClubFriday 3:00-4:30 pm in Room 204The FHSS E-sports club is a place to welcome students of all sorts to a fun, exciting environment. We are building a great community where everyone can experience and share common interests in games such as Valorant, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Super Smash Bros, and more. Competitive or non-competitive, everyone is here to have a good time through exciting tournaments, in-house gaming sessions, and prizes!Mr. Ho
Ethics BowlTuesdays after school room 215 (Mr. Woo's room)Ethics Bowl aims to teach discussion skills using real life situations. Ethics Bowl is a great opportunity for students to improve their communication, thinking and personal social core competencies outside of the classroom. Ms. Balikis 
FH Chess ClubFridays at lunch in room 213To provide an environment for students to play, learn, or simply observe chess. Ms. Rakker
 Mr. Cross
FH Helping HandsEvery other Wednesday D 201To help the community by lending a helping hand both by connecting and by assisting. Some initiatives this club would like to do are helping seniors on a regular basis at Fleetwood Villa. Ms. Kambo
FHYFC (Youth For Care)Bi-weekly lunch meetings on Wednesday in Room D105FHYFC club is dedicated to providing opportunities such as Doc Talks, hospital tours, and various volunteer opportunities with the Surrey Hospital Foundation.  We will also be putting together care kits for children that are spending more time in the hospital.Ms. Brar
Fraser Heights Investment ClubThursday at lunch Room D204The Fraser Heights Investment Club is one that aims to educate students financially. Ms. Tran
Good Guys Once a week at lunch in the library for planning/Once a month afterschool to prepare for eventsGood Guys is a registered youth-led non-profit organization that aims to provide a hands-on approach to improving the lives of the less fortunate in the Lower Mainland while connecting like-minded youth.Ms. Monk
Hawk WordFridays at lunch in Room 217Hawk Word is representative of the Fraser Heights creative community in journalism. We work towards creating publications to inform our community of the amazing things that are going on in the community, while providing students with the opportunity to share their voices and talents. Mr. Kelly
Homework club Tue., Wed. Thur at lunch in the LST roomGrade 11-12 students (peer tutors) will be spending their lunch hour helping students in grade 8-12 who need support with their academic classes. Ms. A. Grewal
International Ambassadors ClubLast Tuesday of each month at lunch in the Ell RoomThe International Ambassador Club is dedicated to promoting cultural appreciation and equality amongst our large International Student population at Fraser Heights Secondary. The Ambassador’s work with new and returning International Students to develop community and a sense of belonging in our school and in the community at large. Ms. Muni-Xiao
 Mr. Clarke
LEO ClubEvery other Tuesday for club meetings at lunch in room 216The Fraser Heights Leo Club is a community and teamwork oriented service club. We strive to build community through cultivating a team of individuals who have a passion for giving back and for developing skills such as leadership, communication, and initiative through a multitude of experiences. Ms. Currie
Math Contest/
 Challengers club
Thursday 3pm in D100Support for those wanting to do well on math contestsMr. Ahn
Mock TrialsMondays after school room 213Our club’s mandate is to encourage students to learn about the Canadian legal system in a fun and interactive manner, with an emphasis on trials. The club also aims to encourage its members to develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills.Ms. Rakkar
Model UNFriday after school room 213Model United Nation will explore different forums within the United Nations and will aim to teach members how MUN works while enhancing their understanding of politics and adding new skills such as quick problem solving and public speaking.Ms. Rakkar
Pride Club GSAEvery other Monday in Room D201to provide a space for planning of pride events, of more inclusive practices that students would like to participate in and plan and organize, and to educate and empower each other to provide the most celebration possible of all students. Ms. Kambo
Reach for the TopWednesdays Lunchtime Room 103To prepare students for the Reach for the Top interschool quiz contest, play trivia games, and choose teams to represent Fraser Heights at Reach for the Top SchoolReach.Mr. Hasan
Red CrossThursdays lunch in Portable 6Gain leadership and volunteering experience, educate yourself on global issues, help fundraise for humanitarian aid, and much more! Red Cross incorporates all of the Core Competencies in the events we do and how we go about helping our communities near and far! Ms. Balikis
Robotics ClubTime TBA- TeamsThis is a club for grades 10-12.  We meet because we like robots, and want to build and compete robots.   Competitions are usually every six weeks from October-May.Ms. Desrochers
Science ClubWednesdays 3:00-4:00The Fraser Heights Science Club strives to ignite/fuel a passion for science in students from across the school through a diverse range of engaging activities, competitions, and lessons.  These include participation in in-school competitions like egg drop, mouse-trap cars, and wiki-races.  Some external opportunities offered through the club include UBC Physics Olympics, Science Fair projects, and other science competitions.Mr. Struik
SpeechifyMondays - Every two weeks, after school in Portable 6Our club will give the opportunity to speak for students as mentioned before, and can help people get over stage fright. People can spread useful ideas or just relieve pressure on stage. It is also capable of helping people get to know each other and can be a social event. We may create a large-scale event at a public location for select speakers who have done exceptionally well in our regular times. These events can have prices on tickets to raise funds for anything we wish.Pamela Balikis
SwimmingFridays @ lunch, Room 201. Only when needed. To organize and support students who are interested in swimming competitively and representing Fraser Heights at local Swim Meets. Ms. Collins
Textiles Thursday's @ Lunch: 11:10-12, Room 115We want this club to foster community around textiles. We would accomplish this by collaborating on projects and fostering environment where passions can flourish.Ms. Kestell
World Scholars ClubD106, at lunch, on Fridays(weekly)It will create opportunities for students that are skilled or interested within multiple subject areas to connect with others also interested in similar subject areas and curricula. It also is able to accommodate students of every kind, with there being a section for each subject, allowing all students to demonstrate their talents. Mr. Andres


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