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Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Tim Cross Principal
Rondalyn Fitz Vice Principal
Sandra Hogg Vice Principal
James Ahn Teacher
Nella Amenta Teacher
Marc Andres Teacher
Pamela Balikis Teacher
Owen Bedard Teacher
Megan Bittner Teacher
Parmjit Brar Teacher
Megan Brevner Teacher
Marina Brewer Teacher
Brianne Caldwell Teacher
Josephine Collins Teacher
Marie Currie Teacher
Lisa Davis Teacher
Kim Dawson Teacher
Stephanie De Anna Teacher
Sharissa Desrochers Teacher
Benjamin Dewar Teacher
Jean-Francois Dyment Teacher
Chris Finn Teacher
Victoria Froelich Teacher
Jessica Gonsales Teacher
Mandeep Grewal Teacher
Colin Grzeskowiak Teacher
Ai Hansen Teacher
Ali Hasan Teacher
Michael Ho Teacher
Pardip Hundal Teacher
Kristen Huskins Teacher
Angelika Huynh Teacher
Ami Kambo Teacher
John Kelly Teacher
Ian Kennett Teacher
Jessica Kestell Teacher
Kevin Larkin Teacher
Lisa Legresley Teacher
Krista Lewis Teacher
Jean Li Teacher
Sydney Macdonald Teacher
Dean Maion Teacher
Simmer Mand Teacher
Victoria Mau Teacher
Patrick McManus Teacher
Chris Mills Teacher
Angela Monk Teacher Librarian
Angela Monk Teacher Librarian
Angela Monk Teacher Librarian
Corinne Muir Teacher
Joey Myung Teacher
Tan Nguyen Teacher
Teresa Oakland Teacher
Pardeep Pahal Teacher
Laura Parker-Jervis Teacher
Andre Quenneville Teacher
Hardip Rakkar Teacher
Robert Sabo Teacher
Anup Sangha Teacher
Heidi Sereda Teacher
Tyler Shears Teacher
Richard Soyka Teacher
Joan Stock Teacher
John Struik Teacher
Nicole Taleon Teacher
Angele Thibault Teacher
Lien Tran Teacher
Suzana Vukaj Teacher
Elaine Wong Teacher
Johnson Wong Teacher
Derek Woo Teacher
Alanna Wood Teacher
Martin Wylie Teacher
Jake Zboya Teacher
Janice Batalha Education Assistant I
John Chin Education Assistant I
Karli Dalla Benetta Education Assistant I
Diana Garrett Education Assistant I
Alex Maier Education Assistant I
Priyanka Moudgil Education Assistant I
Nikita Nikita Education Assistant I
Maria Nowakowski Education Assistant I
Rosetta Petra Education Assistant I
Jennifer Vaux Education Assistant I
Barbara Wright Education Assistant II
Dennis Pazuk Custodian
Kristina Anderson Head Secretary
Trevor Armstrong Career Development Facilitator (Spareboard)
Sydney Arnold Child/Youth Care Worker
Deena Batista Clerk Typist
Rey Bravo Caretaker
Baljeet Chahal Supervision Aide
Matt Clarke Learner Support Team
Ralph De Asis Caretaker
Dale Gill Counsellor
Janet Gillard Safe School Liaison
Amy Grewal Learner Support Team
Randi Jassmann Counsellor
Anders Karlgren Learner Support Team
Lisa Koehler Career Resource Assistant
Heehoon Lee Supervision Aide
Martin Lim Career Development Facilitator
Justyna Matousek ABA Support Worker
Christa Muni-Xiao Learner Support Team
Susan Murray Career Development Facilitator
Meaghan Noakes Information Management Clerk
Mau Olamit Caretaker
Dawn Owens ABA Support Worker
Leanne Pain ABA Support Worker
Manpreet Parmar Child/Youth Care Worker
Kevin Pielak B.A.S.E.S.
Stephanie Porter Clerk Typist
Heather Pow Secondary School Clerk
Faith Rostad Counsellor
Paul Santorelli Caretaker
Perrie Scarlett Learner Support Team
Prachi Sood B.A.S.E.S.
Randie Sykes Counsellor
Cesario Tongol Sr. Head Care
David van den Broek Counsellor
Mirka Vucinovic Caretaker

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