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Healthy Relationships and Body Image topics of newest mental health videos

The final two in our district’s series of six animated, multilingual mental health videos are now available for students, families and educators to watch, share and discuss.

Healthy Relationships discusses the importance of building positive relationships with a variety of people in our lives, and describes what healthy friendships and relationships look and feel like.

Body Image talks about what it means to have a healthy or unhealthy self-image, things that influence the way we feel about ourselves, and ways to maintain a positive attitude about our body.

The latest videos follow the release or four other videos in the past two months, including Navigating Life Changes and Digital Stress and Healthy vs Unhealth Stress and Health & Wellness.

The videos, in all languages and learning levels, are available to view here (under Video Resources).

Surrey Schools psychologists and counsellors identified the various topics addressed in each video as challenges they see students of all ages face regularly.

“We’re so fortunate that we have access to so many experts in the field who work with children and teens daily and have been able to inform these resources so that we can provide helpful, relatable and important information to students and families,” said Surrey Board of Education chair Laurie Larsen. “Many of the issues addressed impact all of us, at any age, so it’s crucial we be able to talk about them with the young people in our lives and let them know they are not alone.”

The videos are each available in an elementary version and a secondary version, as well as in Punjabi, French, Mandarin and Arabic (with closed captioning) and are intended to start conversations at home or in the classroom. Each comes with an accompanying, age-appropriate resource guide for educators that includes suggestions on how to approach topics sensitively, as well as ideas to prompt further discussion.

The new six-part series complements two videos created last year: You Are Not Alone and Coping with Stress & Anxiety. All the videos were developed in partnership with Fraser Health and the Ministry of Education and Child Care, which provided financial support for the project. 

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