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Leadership Club:

The Sunnyside Leadership Club welcomes Grade 4-7 students who are interested in developing their interpersonal skills while having fun volunteering to work towards building a positive school community.  Service work inside the school includes public speaking, organizing the gym for special presentations, lunch monitoring, planning special events, and promoting gratitude and kindness.  Community service projects include toy drives, food drives, helping victims of natural disasters, community clean up walks and more.  Come and see what student leadership is about!

SOGI Club:

At Sunnyside, we invite Grade 6/7 LGBTQ students and allies to come together to build empathy, connect and engage with one another, and determine their common purpose.  Participation in this club will help students develop other core competencies such as perspective-taking, planning and negotiating skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills in order to live harmoniously in our diverse and democratic society.  Let's rethink stereotypes and gender-normative behavior as we engage in project work that contributes to our school being a safe and inclusive place to work, learn, and play.  Everyone is welcome!  

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