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Our School


  • To improve student learning in numeracy
  • To improve student learning in social responsibility through the Values Project

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

  • School-wide initiative to implement guided reading
  • Interactive school web site
  • Green school initiatives including composting, recycling and garden project
  • School-wide celebrations including a multicultural theme day and a creativity fair

1949 - Sunnyside Elementary: 15250 28th Avenue

Historical Account slightly edited from Jack Brown's Surrey History Page

Sunnyside Elementary opened in 1949 at Oliver and Johnston Roads. It was a twin school to Ray Shepherd and built on the same plan. It began as a four-room school with a full basement that was used as a girls and boys recreation area with washrooms. A kitchen was located in the basement at that time.  As the population grew, two rooms and a gymnasium were added. By the 1970s it had grown to a 12 room school (8 rooms in the main building, and a 4 room portable annex) plus a library and gym.  Initially, Sunnyside was built on a small, approximately three acre site. In the 1970s, the school grounds expanded as the District acquired approximately two+ additional acres to enlarge the school grounds and provide a soccer field.

In 2009, the Board of Education began considering closing Sunnyside and relocating the students to a new school.  With increased traffic on King George Highway and 152nd Street, access to the school had become increasingly difficult.  A new school is being planned just east of the school, at 160 Street and 28th Avenue.  Sunnyside children would likely re-locate when the facility opens in 2012 at the earliest.

Located in South Surrey, Sunnyside Elementary School is a Kindergarten to Grade 7 school.

Our school is comprised of both a Neighbourhood program and a Montessori program within a public school system. Our unique identity has attracted a diverse population all interested in the growth and development of each and every one of our students.

We pride ourselves for being known to be extremely caring of our learners and passionate about education. We are very lucky to have parents who are supportive of the learning that is taking place both at school and at home. Our students benefit from the above combination and nurture an inclusive environment where everyone is appreciated.

We are excited about working with the School District in planning the opening of our new school slated for September 2013.  Located eight blocks from our existing building, the home of our new school will make the best use of a green location - next to an environmentally-protected creek, extensive use of natural light, and excellent use of healthy construction materials – all in a less traffic-congested area.

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