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Sullivan Heights only sends out one newsletter in the school year.  Parents are emailed the August newsletter for school start up information. Our goal is to provide updates through various social media platforms and emails as events occur. Please continue to check the school website for all updates throughout the school year.



1 Monday Daily Announcements (3) (003).pdf
1 Parent Consent for Two-Way Video Conferencing between School Staff and Secondary Students (1).pdf
2 Parent Consent for Two-Way Video Conferencing between School Staff and Students who require adult support.pdf
2 Tuesday Daily Announcements (3) (003).pdf
2022 Grad Newsletter.pdf
2022 InSchool and District Authority Scholarship Applicaiton Instructions with links (1).pdf
2022 Partners 36 Scholarship Info.pdf
3 Wednesday Daily Announcements (3) (003).pdf
4 Thursday Daily Announcements (3) (003).pdf
5 Friday Daily Annoouncements.pdf
August Newsletter 2021.pdf
Bell Schedule 21-22 with Flex an d CSL.pdf
Bell Schedule 21-22 with Flex and CSL.pdf
Bell Schedule 21-22.pdf
Booking Appointments Online Instructions - Fall.pdf
Daily Announcements (3) (003).pdf
Daily Health Check.JPG
EducationPlanner BC.JPG
G8 Course selection sheet.pdf
Galaxy Program Brochure.pdf
Grad Dinner Dance 2022 Letter.pdf
Grad Parent Info NIght April 2022.pdf
Grade 10 2022.2023 Course Catalogue.pdf
Grade 10 Course Selection Sheet.pdf
Grade 11 and 12 2022.2023 Course Catalogue .pdf
Grade 11 and 12 2022.2023 Course Catalogue.pdf
Grade 11 and 12 Course List 2022.2023.pdf
Grade 11 Course Selection Sheet 2022.23.pdf
Grade 11 Course Selection Sheet.pdf
Grade 12 Course Selection Sheet 2022.23.pdf
Grade 12 Course Selection Sheet.pdf
Grade 8 and 9 2022.2023 Course Catalogue.pdf
Grade 8 Course Selection Sheet.pdf
Grade 9 Course Selection Sheet.pdf
HS orrientation for students.pdf
Important Calendar Dates 21-22 wtih Flex and CSL.pdf
Important Calendar Dates 21-22.pdf
New Health guidelines 24 March 2022.pdf
November 18 2021.pdf
PAC Minutes 2021-10-25.pdf
Post Secondary Planning Assembly PowerPoint 2021-2022.pptx
PRESS RELEASE - Flag Contest Surrey Honourable Mention (1).pdf
Principal Report 2021-10-25.pdf
PSBC Info Fairs.pdf
Rapid tests for Students 2022.pdf
Report Card Information.pdf
Reserving Your Locker 21-22.pdf
REVISED Grad Dinner Dance 2022 Letter.pdf
School Clubs 21-22.pdf
School Map With Portables 2021_22.pdf
Student Registration Memo 2022-2023.pdf
Sullivan PAC Minutes 2021-09-27.pdf
Sullivan Prevention Measures.pdf
Supervision Aides - Help Needed.pdf
Surrey Schools Student Survey Oct 2021.pdf
TOKTW 2021 Pkg.pdf
Travel Restrictions.pdf
Treasurer Report 2021-10-25.pdf
Valedictoria Application 2022-Final.pdf
Website Announcements 2.pdf
Website Announcements December 1, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements December 10, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements December 13, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements December 14, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements December 15, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements December 16, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements December 17, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements December 2, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements December 3, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements December 6, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements December 7, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements December 8, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements December 9, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements Nov 25, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements Nov 26, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements Nov 29, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements Nov 30, 2021.pdf
Website Announcements November 19 2021.pdf
Website Announcements.pdf
Welcome back Jan 7 2022.pdf

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