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Ms. Rogerson 
Career Development Facilitator

  • Youth Train in Trades
  • Youth Work in Trades
  • Academic Dual Credit Programs
  • District Career Programs
  • High School on Campus
  • Scholarships (internal & external)
  • Career Spotlights
  • Career & Post-Sec Field Experiences
  • Capstone Presentations

Ms. Mark 
Career Development Facilitator

  • Work Experience Coordinator
  • Work Experience Teacher
  • Career Spotlights
  • support
  • Capstone Presentations
  • CLC and CLE Coordinator
  • District Career Programs

Ms. Duckett
Career Centre Assistant

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Job Opportunities
  • Career Education Student Files
  • Event / Opportunity Communication on Instagram/ Resume Builder/ Hall TVs
  • student support

Career Development Facilitator

  • Career Education 8 - Ms. Mark
  • Career Education 9 - Ms. Rogerson

Career Life Connections 12 Capstone

  • Ms. Mark
  • Ms. Nichol
  • Ms. Van Gaans
  • Ms. Kennedy

Career Centre Website

For further details about the Career Centre and the Career Department visit our website.

Courses and Programs

The Career Centre offers the following required courses at Sullivan Heights:

The Sullivan Heights Career Centre provides student support in career education and exploration.  Students will gain the necessary skills and knowledge through Career Education 8/9, Career Life Education 10, Career Life Connections 12 to help provide a smooth transition from life in high school to life after high school in either post-secondary education or work.

The Career Centre provides students with resources to explore career options, post-secondary institutions, volunteer opportunities, resume support, work experience, labor trends and information and the ability to participate in career field trips and career programs.

Careers 8 - delivered through classroom visits and TEAMS for all grade 8 students.
Careers 9 - delivered through classroom visits and TEAMS for all grade 9 students.
Take our Kids to Work Day - Wednesday November 1st, 2022
Career Life Education 10
Career Life Connections 12/Capstone (taken in grade 11 or 12)

Students are welcome to drop into the Career Centre

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