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Ms. Rogerson (Mon/Fri)
Career Development Facilitator

  • Youth Train in Trades
  • Youth Work in Trades
  • Academic Dual Credit Programs
  • District Career Programs
  • High School on Campus
  • Scholarships (internal & external)
  • Career Spotlights
  • Career & Post-Sec Field Experiences
  • Capstone Presentations

Ms. Mark (Mon-Fri)
Career Development Facilitator

  • Work Experience Coordinator
  • Work Experience Teacher
  • Career Spotlights
  • support
  • Take our Kids to Work Day (Gr 9)
  • Capstone Presentations
  • CLC and CLE Coordinator
  • District Career Programs

Ms. Duckett
Career Centre Assistant

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Job Opportunities
  • Career Education Student Files
  • Event / Opportunity Communication on Instagram/ Resume Builder/ Hall TVs
  • student support
  • Scholarship binder sales

Mr. Taylor

Career Development Facilitator

  • Career Education 8
  • Career Education 9
  • Career Spotlights

Career Life Connections 12 Capstone

  • Ms. Mark
  • Ms. Brown
  • Ms. Van Gaans

Trades Post-Secondary Info
Video about Trades Post-Secondary (you may need to login to your surreyschools account to view)

Follow us on Instagram @shscareerscentre for regular updates and opportunities.

Grade 10-12 are invited to join the SHSS Career Centre info Team with this code in your Microsoft TEAMs w5dmbxm

SURVEY and Video:  Watch this video  CAREER EDUCATION SURVEY  and get info about programs by taking this survey.

InSchool and District Authority Scholarship Info:  Will be available starting Feb 15th 2024

Partners36 Scholarship Application Info: Will be available starting Feb 15th 2024

Courses and Programs for 2022-2023

COURSE SELECTION: The Career Education Department offers 2 elective areas that students can select during course selection.

1) Work Experience (open for grades 11 and 12) - Students complete a 100 hour Work Experience (unpaid or paid)
2) District Trade Programs

District Career Programs - click here to see all career programs
Students interested in Trades Apprenticeship Programs or Dual Credit courses should see a Career Facilitator in  the Career Centre -- Applications become available in late January - Check out the links below to videos about Co-op and District Program. Also in the Documents section below for information about specific trades programs.

District Programs and WEX info   - VIDEO ABOUT PROGRAMS

The Career Centre offers the following required courses at Sullivan Heights:

The Sullivan Heights Career Centre provides student support in career education and exploration.  Students will gain the necessary skills and knowledge through Career Education 8/9, Career Life Education 10, Career Life Connections 12 to help provide a smooth transition from life in high school to life after high school in either post-secondary education or work.

The Career Centre provides students with resources to explore career options, post-secondary institutions, volunteer opportunities, resume support, work experience, labor trends and information and the ability to participate in career field trips and career programs.

Careers 8 - delivered through classroom visits and TEAMS for all grade 8 students.
Careers 9 - delivered through classroom visits and TEAMS for all grade 9 students.
Take our Kids to Work Day - Wednesday November 1st, 2022
Career Life Education 10
Career Life Connections 12/Capstone (taken in grade 11 or 12)

Students are welcome to drop into the Career Centre

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