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Course Request Change Forms

Students will be able to view their schedules on MyEd BC as of 8:00 a.m. on Friday, August 18th.  Counsellors have worked through requested course changes where possible, but it is important to know that many courses are already full, and changes requested may not be possible.  

The Microsoft Form requesting any course changes is open from Friday, August 18th (8am) until Wednesday, August 23rd at 8am.  Please click on this link to access the form:

Course Change Request Form August, 2023-2024

Please note the following criteria for course correction requests: 

• Having an incomplete timetable (fewer than 8 courses) 

• Missing a course required for graduation 

• Being scheduled in a course that has already been completed 

• Needing to retake a required course not previously completed successfully

• Requesting a study in place of a scheduled course (for students going into grade 12 only)

 **All other requests that do not meet the criteria above are a lower priority and may not be possible due to the over capacity of our school.

This school year, we will have 5 counsellors at our school.  Your counsellor may have changed based on the new alpha divisions.  Please note the new alpha below:

Ms. Watson: A – Corbett/

Ms. Falk: Cornejo – Jandhu/

Ms. Brown: Jansen – Mankar/

Ms. Grewal: Mann – Sangha/

Ms. Chen: Sanghe – Z/


Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you back at school in a couple of weeks.

Warm regards,

The Sullivan Heights Counselling Department

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