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Career Programs

There are many Career Education programs at GLC to help students discover a career opportunity and help them to prepare for the world of work.  It is up to each student to inquire about the Career Education programs at the school by contacting the Career Facilitator, Nota Spencer.

careers.79603952687.jpgJOB SHADOW is an opportunity for students to observe first-hand, by doing a one day placement at a location of their choice.

WORK EXPERIENCE 11/12 (Course) is a 4 week work placement which allows students to obtain a career experience that results in a course credit, and at the same time, helping them to prepare to enter the work force.

WORLDHOST is a comprehensive public relations and communications skills program, helpful in preparing for, and finding employment.

FOOD SAFE COURSE is a comprehensive program developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, to teach food service workers safe food handling methods.

SERVING IT RIGHT is a course designed to help servers understand what they should be aware of in their alcohol service duties.  Although servers must be 19 years of age, this course can be taken in advance of your 19th birthday.

DISTRICT PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMS are an opportunity for the student who had chosen a career, to attend GLC and another institution, and achieve both graduation and certification (apprenticeship) in that career.  Surrey School District pays the cost of tuition for these Programs.

SSA - Secondary School Apprenticeship offers students the opportunity to begin an apprenticeship while completing high school.


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