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Our School


  • We provide a small interpersonal learning environment where, through individual, self-paced instruction, we help students reach their learning goals in the core subjects of the educational curriculum.

In recognition that the learning needs of our students are diverse, we strive to encourage students to believe in their ability to be successful in reaching their goals; whether they are to return to the regular school system, attain an adult graduation, or acquire specific skills towards post-secondary education or personal needs.

We strive to provide learning in the context of the world around us, which includes not only academic knowledge, but to teach students they have a responsibility to themselves and others to work toward self betterment. We will help our students become self aware, to develop their conscience and to become responsible, independent and contributing participants in the community.

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

  • District program partnerships
  • Healthy schools initiative
  • Team teaching
  • Alternative learning approaches

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