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Student Fees

Cloverdale Learning Centre has a $25 Student Activites Fee with a $20 Grad Fee and $50 refundable book deposit. Students may NOT participate in field trips or take home library/textbooks until this has been taken care of. If you have difficulty paying the fees please see staff to for possible alternate arrangements.

There are no lockers or desks for students to store their belongings at the school.  There is limited bookshelf space available if students are unable to bring their own materials home.  However the school is not responsible for stored items and the school can not ensure the safety of the contents.  We strongly encourage students to bring home their materials on a daily basis for safety and for the opportunity to do course work at home.

For all grades and subjects at CLC, students should come to school equiped with at least a supply of: 

  1. SchoolSupplyLists.jpgPens
  2. Pencils
  3. Binder
  4. Calculator
  5. Lined Paper
  6. Metric / Imperial Ruler
  7. USB Memory Stick (any size)
  8. Headphones for video watching
  9. A well rested, pleasant & ready to work attitude!

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