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About (Our School Plan)



School Context:

Cloverdale Learning Centre (CLC) is a small secondary school that provides supportive educational opportunities for students.  There are approximately 150 students that attend the centre, typically between the ages of 15 through 19.  The student population consists of students with a range of abilities and talents.  The centre features flexible hours, small group instruction and allows students to work at their own pace.  Individual learners may participate in demanding extra-curricular activities and/or be employed while attending school.  Dogwood graduation and Adult Dogwood graduation programs are offered, along with opportunities for work experience (paid and unpaid).  Further, there are also trades programs and other training programs that provide students with certificates such as World Host, Standard First Aid, CPR, and Foodsafe to name a few.

Mission Statement:  


Inquiry Question:

How does the teaching of healthy lifestyles impact student well-being and achievement?


Research suggests that more than ever, healthy lifestyles need to be fostered.  Healthy lifestyles maximize a persons' well-being and achievement.  As such, we want our students to be educated and aware of the consequences of their choices so that they can maintain lifelong health and perform and achieve in order to reach their hopes, dreams and goals.   Educating students on the importance of sleep, healthy eating, exercise, healthy relationships as well as stress management and mental health impacts academic achievement amongst teens.


  • Use of intake interviews to collect background and pertinent school and learning information for success in order to create a Learning Plan for each student.
  • Use of Code of Conduct to model and define expectations that promote academic success and nurture a positive and healthy school culture.
  • Utilize the services of school Counsellor, Youth Care Worker, Aboriginal Youth Care Worker, Inner City Worker and Substance Abuse Worker to provide care and support to students in times of struggle.
  • Daily monitoring of attendance to promote learning and achievement.
  • Use of Attendance Agreements for chronic non-attendance.
  • Use of Productivity Agreements when students fail to progress in their academic learning.
  • Regular contact and communication with parents to enlist and sustain support.
  • Build relationships with students through the development of community.
  • Recognize and celebrate student learning through weekly gatherings and term celebrations.
  • Utilize speakers, former students and presentations to address pertinent topics that promote healthy lifestyles, student well-being and achievement.
  • Use of weekly goal setting to promote achievement and learning.
  • Implementation of weekly lunch program to model healthy eating (each term a cookbook that shares the recipes is offered to students).
  • Use of student interviews to collect information that guides school practice.
  • Offering of physical activities three times per week to students.
  • Promoting community service opportunities.


  • Friday school required for students who have unexcused absences throughout the week, or who arrive to their classroom session more than ½ hour late without teacher or parent permission.
  • Learning Plans developed for each student.
  • Graduation Plans developed for each student.
  • Exit interviews conducted for each student to ensure success.
  • Case Conferences conducted as necessary to assist students in academic achievement and learning.
  • Daily mentor review meetings to ensure student well-being and academic achievement for each student are closely monitored.


  • Student interviews.
  • Student surveys.
  • Course completion data.
  • Attendance.
  • Samples of student work collected from teachers.
  • Graduation rates.
  • Use of rubrics.
  • Use of self-reflection journals.

Spirals of Inquiry – Judy Halbert & Linda Kaiser
Who Owns the Learning – Alan November
Improving Schools – Ronald Dahl
Rethinking Letter Grades – Caren Cameron & Kathleen Gregory


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