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Work Experience 12

Work experience 12 is a four-credit elective course offered at many Surrey schools. The Big Ideas, as stated by the Ministry of Education, for this educational option are experiences outside of school designed to expand workplace skills and career-life options. Work experience provides opportunities for self-discovery, personal awareness, and pathway options through an inquiry mindset.

  • There are TWO Ministry authorized work experience courses -WEX 12A and WEX 12B
  • Completion of a four-credit WEX meets the applied design, skills, and technologies requirement
  • A WEX placement MAY be used toward fulfilling the substantive experiential learning 30 hours or more for CLC provided that at the time of enrollment in CLC the placement is relevant to the student's post-secondary planning
  • WEX is typically unpaid and occurs at a standard worksite in the community and not in the student's own school


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