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Board approves four new theatre and film production BAA courses

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Students heading into Grade 12 in the fall will have four new Board Authority Authorized (BAA) courses to choose from, all of which will bring elements of theatre and film production to the classroom.

At the December public board meeting, the Surrey Board of Education approved the addition of Acting for Stage and Screen 12, Broadcasting Performance 12, Technical Theatre and Design 12 and Touring Theatre Troupe 12 to the district’s current roster of 51 BAA courses. The new courses were developed by North Surrey Secondary teacher Craig Wrotniak in collaboration with helping teachers Cori Penner and Lindsey Frederickson and Career Education principal Mark Flynn.

“As somebody who took my broadcasting education during Grade 12 many years ago… I’m really glad to see that this is included in the public education system here in our school district,” said board vice-chair Gary Tymoschuk. “I’ll be very interested to see the outcome of that program.”

Acting for Stage and Screen 12

Designed to prepare students for careers in theatre, film or television acting, this course will explore movement, speech, improvisation, stage combat, different acting styles and genres, text analysis and character development. Students will learn a range of acting techniques and develop skills and experience with auditioning, finding an agent, working with a director, character building, acting for the camera and play analysis. Attending and reflecting on professional theatre or film acting will be an integral part of this course.

Broadcasting Performance 12

Students will be introduced to the three phases of broadcasting – pre-production, production and post-production – and develop basic broadcasting skills. They will study behind-the-scenes elements of broadcasting and learn how to act for the camera, record voiceovers and broadcast live performances. Students will record performances to be reviewed by agents for potential representation and post-secondary institutions for entrance scholarships. They will also have the option to gain advanced credentials to help them pursue a career in the industry, including Motion Picture Industry Orientation Certificate, Actsafe Motion Picture Safety 101 course and aerial lift certification, among others.

Technical Theatre and Design 12

For students wishing to gain an intense knowledge of the background workings of a theatre and designing for shows, this hands-on course will prepare students for a career in the live performing arts and entertainment industry upon graduation. Students will learn about sound, lights, props, costumes, make-up, set, projection, filming performance, stage management and front of house. They will have the option to gain advanced credentials to help them pursue a career in the industry such as Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), Aerial Lift Certification, and Fall Protection.

Touring Theatre Troupe 12

Taught through the lens of touring and performing theatre, students will explore movement, speech, improvisation, acting, directing, technical theatre, design, theatre studies and production. The class will work towards a high-profile production that will be applied in different playing spaces and contexts. Students will take on roles based on their skill proficiency and level of interest: some will elect to specialize in backstage work behind the scenes to support the troupe production project, while others will take on high-profile acting performance roles within the troupe. Attending and reflecting on professional theatre will be an integral part of this course.

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