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Our school has an active parent group which enriches our schools' programs and services to our students.  All parents are voting members of the Parent Advisory Council and are encouraged to attend meetings. Dates are published in our school newsletter and in the PAC newsletter.

The PAC contributes to a positive sense of school and communtiy through activities such as:

  • being well informed of local and district issues and distributing relevant information to parents
  • advising the administration of parental views on school programs, policies and activities
  •  helping parents gain appropriate access to the education system
  • ensuring a safe environment for students, e.g. phone trees
  • organizing activities within the school, such as fund-raising events, volunteer programs, and student activities that support the educational goals of the school

In addition, schools have a School Planning Council made up of parents, a teacher and the Principal.  The council looks collaboratively several times a year at establishing new directions for growth in the school.

PAC Executive - 2023/24

Co-President: Sara Block

Co-President: Rachael Marples

Treasurer: Vagmi Dholakia-Baxi

Secretary: Heather Neilson

DPAC Representative: Sheri Hardcastle

Member at Large: Fiona Fu

Member at Large: Nina Hemmes

Member at Large: Nicole Verhoeven

Hot Lunch Coordinator: Tara Sheldrake

Contacting PAC: 

Email Address:

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