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 Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  The important thing is not to stop questioning
- Albert Einstein 

School Learning Goals:

We strive to create a culture of collaboration where students and staff respect one another, feel cared for and are able to thrive.  We want our students to think creatively and explore "out of the box" learning using 21st Century tools. We hope to foster critical thinking and encourage our students to be active participants in their learning journey.  We want our students to see that learning can happen anywhere and with anyone.
Inquiry teams are exploring the following areas in order to increase student learning.

  • How can we support collaborative inquiry based learning using technology as a learning tool?
  • How can we foster positive relationships, social responsibility and attachment in our school?
  • How can we nurture creativity, imagination and positive self esteem in our students through the arts (music, drama, visual arts)? 


  • We have increased our technology hardware and digital tools exponentially  
  • Student Tech Team
  • Teacher In-Service on Tech Tuesdays
  • Teachers using formative assessment and Fresh Grade
  • Formative assessment with students and teachers
  • Musical production of Wizard of Oz
  • Self Regulation strategies and tools used throughout the school
  • Me to We School Team focusing on local and global initiatives
  • School-wide positive behaviour support plan
  • Art Club for all grade levels
  • Critical and creative thinking activities (The Dot - Not Just a Box - Cain's Arcade)
  • Various extra-curricular activities (hockey, badminton, volleyball, basketball, track and field, chess club, art club, Lego club, knitting club, etc.)


 “Building a Community of Learners - Together"

District Programs:    

Social Development Class

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