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Teaching Our Students to Make their Mark

On Friday, September 15, students at Ray Shepherd Elementary participated in "Dot Day", a movement of creativity and expression inspired by the children's book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds.

This day was all about encouraging students to think about how they will make their mark within their learning community. Engaging students in this process not only enriches their educational experience but also contributes to their personal growth and development. Practicing self-expression and nurturing one's identity are integral aspects of the learning process. When students actively participate and express their thoughts, ideas, and unique perspectives, they not only strengthen their understanding of the subject matter but also inspire their peers to do the same. This open exchange of ideas fosters a collaborative and inclusive learning environment where diversity of thought is celebrated, leading to richer discussions and more innovative solutions to problems. 

At Ray Shepherd, we embrace opportunities for our students to develop a strong sense of self and develop an internal source of confidence. When students learn to make their mark within their learning community, they not only contribute to the collective knowledge but also discover the power of their own voice and the significance of their unique perspectives.

Way to go Hawks!

"Building a community of learners - Together."

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