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The International Languages Program at Ecole Panorama Ridge aims toLanguages.jpg help students to develop skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening in the target language and to develop an understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity.  

It is a requirement by most post-secondary institutions that students complete a language up to the grade 11 level.  To meet post-secondary language course requirements, students can choose to take any of the following language courses currently offered at Ecole Panorama Ridge Secondary:

1.  French 9, 10 and 11
2.  Spanish 9, 10 and 11
3.  Introductory Spanish 11 & Spanish 11
4.  Punjabi 10 and Punjabi 11 


Kamini Bholah
Department Head
Rabinder Boparai
Teacher, Punjabi
Deepshika GoordyalTeacher, French
Kakule MasindaTeacher, French
Jessica SullTeacher, Punjabi
Angela YeeDepartment Head
Imene ZineTeacher, French

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