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We are excited to begin a new year of Humanities 8 here at Ecole Panorama Ridge Secondary. All of our Humanities teachers are passionately dedicated to helping students move forward with their educational goals as they embark on their learning journeys this year.
Humanities has been split into two sections this year. This means that your student will have one block of Humanities in each semester. Their teacher will likely change from semester one to semester two. However, we are working hard as a department to be cohesive and ensure that each student, across both semesters, is engaged and connecting with the curriculum of Humanities in meaningful ways.
Email contact information is available on this site for all teachers, and although calling the school to speak to a teacher is possible, it is often more convenient for parents to email their questions and concerns, and we will reply as soon as we are able.

Lisa Lacki, Humanities Department Leader 

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