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A Message from our PAC

Dear EPRSS Parents,

There's no PAC meetings until further notice, but our EPRSS PAC is here to support in the best ways possible!
I am writing to check, how are you all doing? I hope that you and your loved ones are managing well through this unprecedented phase of COVID-19 Pandemic. Yes, we understand that it's tough for everyone but it shall pass, let's keep doing everything possible to keep our spirits raised, so that we are able to do the best for ourselves, our families and for helping our kids get through this unique experience of digital-learning!

We have been getting regular updates from the School and the District, which must have helped you understand the dynamics of the current scenario of Education and Learning Opportunities. I hope everyone has access to relevant information and important updates!
If times were normal as before, we would have met at our GENERAL PAC MEETING today! Unfortunately, all meetings and in-person interactions and meetings are CANCELLED until school resumes.

Nevertheless, I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that our school PAC is there to offer support to parents.

It's been nearly a month since students have been at home and out of schools, that includes the Spring Break. We are aware of the challenges in the current situation and there is a great deal of uncertainty right now with everything going on around COVID-19, and we also understand that personal and family dynamics for everyone is different.

Under the current circumstances we cannot have PAC meetings, but our PAC is here to support in the best ways possible! I was trying to have a virtual PAC meeting using online resources like Zoom, but due to reports of potential safety concerns, that won't work out for us. I did manage to organize a Virtual meeting for our PAC Executive team and were able to communicate about some important topics that needed immediate attention. I will keep you posted as and when there's any PAC updates. So, you can expect more emails from me and important updates on our EPRSS PAC Facebook page:École-Panorama-Ridge-Secondary-101284381345907/

I strongly feel that staying connected, understanding the needs of our Parent community, and helping parents in the best ways possible is of utmost importance at present! The lifestyles, schedules and everyday activities are not the same and the world seems like a very different place. Just as myself, you all must be wondering when things will be back to normal, or what that normal will even look like.

While things are quite uncertain, I wanted to assure that, our EPRSS family still holds the same values of being there for our students and supporting all those who need any help.

I am so proud of the great work that our EPRSS Administration and Staff have been doing tirelessly, for the students' learning and to support students and families in the best possible ways! The teachers are keeping the parents well informed and in the loop of student's learning and expectations. Now, as parents it is also our responsibility to follow along the chain of communication, based on needs and as per the suggestions/recommendations from the teachers!

I feel the teachers are putting in their best and we must applaud them for all their extra efforts at this time! I understand, there could be some delays or hindrances in providing expected learning tools and support, but dear parents, please know that our school is on top of taking necessary action. If you still feel, there's anything missing for you that needs immediate attention, please contact the school or you may choose to address your concerns to the PAC as we are there to provide need based advocacy for important issues.

Always remember: 'PAC Is Your Voice!'

However hard this time is, and we still do not know when schools will reopen, yet we must remain hopeful. Let's keep boosting ourselves to stay positive and feel optimistic. The Self isolation & Physical distancing measures that we're all practicing, is for our betterment and it has started to flatten the curve.

Our schools have always been a place where communities come together, but in these extraordinary times, that means staying physically apart as much as possible. Yet, we want to make sure that we remain connected in terms of a strong support system!

Few requests for parents:

  1. Teachers are trying to do their best, trust their abilities and good intentions for your child/children!
  2. It's a learning journey for all of us and we must keep supporting one another to get by!
  3. Some families need more help than others and we are trying to assist them with food and other basic necessities.
  4. If anyone would like to offer any kind of help financially or by supplying essential items, please contact me for further details at
  5. If anyone needs help with TRANSLATION or if anyone would like better understanding about the matter that's being sent to you by the school, the PAC can assist you with it.
  6. If you need to address any concerns, please call at the following numbers:
  • JYOTIKA JASUJA (President / Chair) – 778 887 3929
  • JESSE DHADHA (Vice-president)  - 604 679 6323
  • CINDY DAVIS (Co-treasurer) – 604 240 7198

Here are few tips for parents:

  1. Stay calm : Our kids can feel our emotions & we are able to perform better with a cool relaxed mind
  2. Stay informed : Keep checking your emails regularly & follow along with the regular updates from the Principal
  3. Stay involved : Communicate with the teachers openly about your child's learning and with the Alpha Vice-Principals for any other concerns
  4. Stay connected : Seek help from the PAC if needed
  5. Stay safe : Staying home and following through best safety precautionary measures is the only way to fight through this challenging phase of COVID-19

Thank you parents for doing your share to help with your student's learning and for your patience to learn and adapt with changes!

I vehemently believe – 'Perseverance with Determination is the key to success!'

Just remember: We are all in this together!

Keep your head up, and be kind to yourself and others!

I, on behalf of our PAC, would like to thank all the heroes who are dedicatedly doing awesome work for our school, students and families!!

And I am so proud of all the hard efforts of parents and our PR family!!

Stay Happy, Safe & Blessed everyone!!

Warm regards and best wishes,

Jyotika Jasuja
President PAC
École Panorama Ridge Secondary School (EPRSS)
778 887 3929

Expires 5/1/2020 

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